Live Arts Boston (LAB)

The Boston Foundation is pleased to announce the Live Arts Boston grantee list for 2019.
Profiles and more information coming soon!

Boston’s performing arts and music scene is at the heart of this thriving, innovative city. The Boston Foundation believes that investing in local artists to test new ideas adds depth and diversity to our cultural landscape

BAMFest image 2018 for LAB
STL GLD, performing at BAMS Fest 2018 - Photo copyright: Kelly Davdson Studio 

To this end, we are proud to announce the third round of grantees of the Live Arts Boston (LAB) program, created with the support and partnership of the Barr Foundation and the Wagner Foundation. Performing artists, small performing arts organizations, bands, groups of artists, producers and presenters in the Greater Boston area were invited to apply for grants this past fall, with recipients announced in Spring 2019.

LAB provides up to $15,000 in project-specific funds to create, produce or present artistic work for Greater Boston audiences. In addition to grant funding, grantees receive support for project documentation, mentorship, peer networking opportunities and professional development.

Funding supports work in the following performing arts disciplines: dance, theater, music, opera, spoken word, performance art, circus arts, traditional and folk performing arts, and any multi-disciplinary combination of the above. Performance projects that include a visual, media or film component are eligible, but the primary focus for the project must be on the performing arts. LAB does not support standalone film projects, or projects primarily consisting of youth development, community engagement, or teaching arts work.

What’s new this year:

  • All projects must be new work: Any project submitted for consideration must center on the creation, presentation or production of new work (i.e., original or interpretive work that has not previously been presented to a general audience).
  • Streamlined Application Process: This year, based on feedback from prior applicants, we have worked to simplify the application process by asking for less information up front.
    • Round One: Open to all, due November 7, 2018. All 2019 LAB applicants must apply through our simple online form asking for demographic information, project details, and a work sample.
    • Round Two: Finalists from Round One will be invited to submit additional information, due January 14, 2019. Applicants selected by a panel of peers to advance to the second round will be asked to provide a detailed budget, artist statement, resume information, and additional project information.
  • Two Funding Levels: The vast majority of previous LAB applicants have applied for $15,000 in funding (i.e., the maximum possible grant). However, prior LAB application panelists found that many applicants would not require $15,000 in order to achieve their stated artistic goals. This year, we are offering two levels of funding to support ambitious projects of varying scales. The two levels are of support are up to $7,500 and up to $15,000, and those invited to advance to Round Two will be asked to apply at one of these two levels.
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2019 LAB Funding Priorities

Priority is given to:

  • Artistic excellence, ambition and rigor
  • Projects that push the boundaries of the medium(s) in their form and/or content, innovating and taking risks
  • Projects with high potential for growth and visibility of Greater Boston area artists
  • Projects led by and uplifting the artistry and voices of people of color, immigrants and new Americans
  • Projects centered on art forms that have had less representation, visibility, support in Greater Boston
  • Timely and compelling projects

See the complete Guidelines and FAQ for additional information.