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At the Boston Foundation we put equity at the center of everything we do. We believe that closing the gap on the region’s greatest disparities opens pathways to opportunity, prosperity and equitable outcomes. This complex, challenging and critical goal requires tackling the individual-, systems- and root-level causes of inequity. To forge this path we are focused on four interconnected areas - not just in our grantmaking, but in our work throughout the Foundation.

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Nurturing Strong Beginnings

The quality of and access to health care and early education—both for children and the adults who care for them—play a critical role in ensuring children are physically and emotionally healthy, developmentally on track, and well prepared to thrive in school and adulthood. The early education and health-care systems can be difficult to access, confusing to navigate and unaffordable; and these challenges disproportionately impact families of color.

To build stronger and more equitable systems, the Boston Foundation is focused on the full ecosystem of what builds a healthy childhood, from addressing racial disparities in health care and social supports for mothers and birthing people, to advancing high-quality education, to providing more and earlier mental and behavioral health care. We believe a healthy life starts with healthy beginnings, and working together to improve early education and care for children and their families will build a strong, more equitable and healthier Boston.

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Advancing Community Wealth

Communities with rich, diverse ecosystems of homes, local businesses, and arts and cultural spaces create vibrant neighborhoods that are essential not only for individual and collective well-being, but for the equitable access to wealth. Affordable housing, climate resilient neighborhoods, reflective cultural spaces and access to capital are critical areas of investment in historically underserved communities to not only grow stable and vital communities, but also to ensure individuals find enrichment and fulfillment, and ultimately build wealth in their communities.

Through affordable housing preservation, establishing and strengthening pathways to home ownership, helping to build and grow thriving cultural spaces, and fostering opportunities for Asian, Black, Indigenous, and Latino-owned small businesses to thrive, the Boston Foundation is focused on building stable, enriching and equitable communities across the region.

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How We Partner

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When you give to and through the Boston Foundation, you access TBF’s full resources, from our deep knowledge of Greater Boston to a top-notch investment team and a vibrant network of fellow donors and community leaders. Whatever your philanthropic goals, we customize approaches to suit your interests and financial parameters.

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We rely on community and regional nonprofits to help us home in on the real needs of our time and the most effective ways to meet those needs to approach equity. These organizations and their people are valued thought leaders and tactical experts; through them we are able to apply fiscal resources to actionable solutions.

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TBF values the perspectives of professional advisors, including their up-to-the-minute understanding of financial and philanthropic trends. We partner closely with them to help their clients achieve charitable goals. We share our local and civic expertise and facilitate networking and educational opportunities for our advisor community.

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Civic Leadership

The fusion of all we do—matching philanthropists with nonprofits, forming and leading coalitions, commissioning and producing reports, supporting nonprofit effectiveness, cultivating community leaders, identifying and sponsoring diverse artists and venues—is best described as civic leadership. The Annual Campaign for Civic Leadership makes it possible.

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We believe that when you advance equity and close the gaps of our city’s disparities you not only improve lives, you build a stronger, better Boston. Simply put, when you move equity, you move Boston.