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The Transportation Dividend

Transportation forum
Transit Investments and the Massachusetts Economy
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Complete transcripts are available of the donor conversations that appeared in the Boston Foundation's 2017 Annual Report.
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Grant-Making Opportunities

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Open Door Grants

Open Door Grants are processed on a quarterly basis. As the name implies, this is our most open-ended grants initiative, expressly devised to meet the needs of nonprofits supporting our larger mission but outside of our defined strategic focus areas. 

Open Door Grants Guidelines

Recent Reports

The Transportation Dividend cover


The Transportation Dividend

This report finds that investments in Greater Boston’s legacy public transit system remain the best option for the continued growth of the Greater Boston economy.

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Race to Lead report cover

Report | Nonprofit Sector

Race to Lead: Confronting the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap

Building on the Boston Foundation's Nonprofit Effectiveness work and the spring release of Opportunity in Change: Preparing Boston for Leader Transitions and New Models of Nonprofit Leadership, this report focuses on the racial leadership gap that the nonprofit sector is experiencing.

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Recent Forums

Transportation forum

Video | Transportation

The Transportation Dividend

At this forum panelists discussed the findings of recent report which concludes that investments in Greater Boston’s legacy public transit system remain the best option for the continued growth of the Greater Boston economy. The forum participants also addressed the economic benefits and value of the current Greater Boston transit system, and the report's three-part proposal for investments in the 20 “inner core” communities and regional transit spokes that can further enhance the Massachusetts economy.

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Early Childhood Round Table


Early Childhood Research Roundtable

Our inaugural Early Childhood Research Roundtable focused on a recent Brookings Institution's report that summarizes what is known about the effectiveness of state and district pre-kindergarten programs on children's learning outcomes. The session featured presentations by two of the report's authors, and include a discussion about the effectiveness of the Boston Public Schools' pre-kindergarten program. Please note: there is no video this forum but the slide decks are available.

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First 1000 Days photo

Video | Health Starts at Home

The Crucial First 1000 Days

Research shows that the most critical period for child development is the first 1,000 days of a child's life. That fact presents an opportunity to work with both children and parents as they strive to prepare children for success during this particularly important period.

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Housing Report Card image

Video | Housing and Community Development

Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2017

This forum discussed the findings of the 2017 Greater Boston Housing Report Card and potential solutions to meet the enormous demand for housing in an attempt to keep pace with the Commonwealth's booming economy.

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