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As Greater Boston's community foundation, the Boston Foundation is focused on the myriad of factors which make our city unique and successful. With an emphasis on strengthening this region's competitiveness in the global economy, the Foundation works with many partners to publish cutting edge research, hold public forums, and convene task forces of experts and stakeholders to create action agendas for real change.

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A photo of a storefront for Dudley Cafe. In a big curved window is a painted heart around the words "Dudley Cafe, Roxbury, MA."

City of Ideas

Championing Asian-Owned Businesses

Since last year, the Asian Community Fund's Asian Business Empowerment Council has been lifting up the voices, talents and needs of AAPI entrepreneurs throughout Greater Boston. Meet three of those entrepreneurs.

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The Boston Globe

In the Media

Boston, state must act on home heating changes

In an op-ed for the Boston Globe, TBF Boston Climate Progress Report co-author Joan Fitzgerald urges that Boston and the state must act on home heating changes, making the case that efficient heat pumps are essential to reducing carbon emissions and lowering consumer costs.

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In the Media

What’s the Future of Boston Philanthropy?

What is the future of Boston philanthropy? Boston Magazine explores this question, sharing insights from philanthropic leaders in the city, including TBF's President and CEO Lee Pelton, who speaks to the changing priorities of the city's giving community in the wake of the COVID pandemic and the racial reckoning of 2020.

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In the Media

Massachusetts Needs a State Office of Fair Housing

Citing the 2022 Greater Boston Housing Report Card to illustrate the work ahead, in an op-ed for Banker & Tradesman, TBF's Associate Vice President for Neighborhoods and Housing, Soni Gupta, and Rachel Heller urge that MA needs an state office of fair housing that can lead on creating, coordinating and enforcing equitable housing policy and practices to achieve a better, inclusive future.

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The Latest Reports

Cover of Climate Progress Report


Inaugural Boston Climate Progress Report

The Boston Foundation and the Dukakis Center begin a long-term series of biennial reports with a look at how well Boston is reducing emissions and building climate justice and resiliency, and a recommendation of four "big lifts" that would make a major difference.

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2022 Housing Report Card cover


2022 Greater Boston Housing Report Card

The 2022 Housing Report Card explores how the pandemic has reshaped, for better and worse, the housing market, and explores in detail how fragmentation and restrictions in our system for allocating subsidized housing keeps many homeseekers from finding available options.

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Vitas mori. Albus orexiss ducunt ad gabalium. Ubi est altus nomen? Liberi de castus bubo, pugna species! Persuadere diligenter ducunt ad bi-color barcas.

TBF News Summer 2022

The first-ever Embrace Ideas Festival takes the spotlight, with a full day of events at the Boston Foundation, including a riveting conversation on racial equity with author Heather McGhee. Plus, a TBF donor finds a way to partner with a community land trust to preserve critically-needed affordable housing in a Boston neighborhood.

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