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As Greater Boston's community foundation, the Boston Foundation is focused on the myriad of factors which make our city unique and successful. With an emphasis on strengthening this region's competitiveness in the global economy, the Foundation works with many partners to publish cutting edge research, hold public forums, and convene task forces of experts and stakeholders to create action agendas for real change.

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Sudan Giving Guide

Sudan was already in the midst of a humanitarian crisis when the long-standing conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces burst into full-out war in 2023 and threw the entire country into crisis. A year later, over half of the country, 25 million people, is in desperate need of aid as they face overwhelming violence and the threat of famine with staggering rates of malnutrition. This giving guide offer a few ways donors can provide philanthropic support to the people of Sudan.

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Inequality and Insecurity in Retirement: New report from Boston Indicators highlights racial gaps in retirement savings and access

The new report from Boston Indicators, co-authored with researchers from the Boston Fed, paints a fuller picture of retirement assets as an element of wealth, exploring the data when possible by race and age. It finds stark racial differences in the level of access to retirement accounts and the amount of retirement assets in those accounts.

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Inequality and Insecurity in Retirement

A new report from Boston Indicators in collaboration with researchers from the Boston Fed, this research explores the racial differences in retirement assets in Massachusetts, factoring in both pensions and retirement plans like 401(k)s and IRAs.

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Global Greater Boston: Immigrants in a Changing Region

For Global Greater Boston, the Boston Indicators team partnered with the Immigration Research Initiative to explore in greater depth just who makes up Greater Boston's immigrant population, and the economic impact of immigration on the region, the immigrants and their families. The report finds that immigrants today are from vastly different regions than they were decades ago, but their positive impact on Greater Boston remains strong.

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Vitas mori. Albus orexiss ducunt ad gabalium. Ubi est altus nomen? Liberi de castus bubo, pugna species! Persuadere diligenter ducunt ad bi-color barcas.

TBF News: Winter 2024

This is the first in a series of newsletters exploring our four pathways to equity, beginning with Advancing Community Wealth. Through affordable housing preservation, establishing and strengthening pathways to home ownership, helping to build and grow thriving cultural spaces, and fostering opportunities for Asian, Black, Indigenous and Latino-owned small businesses to thrive, TBF is focused on building stable, enriching and equitable communities across our region. These stories reflect our work in this area.

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