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Food, Fuel and Shelter Fund

Rising inflation, skyrocketing food and fuel costs, and record costs for housing are placing an unsustainable and inequitable burden on individuals and families in our region. To help meet the need, the Boston Foundation is redoubling our collective effort to provide critical support and bolster the safety net for communities in Greater Boston.

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Built off our decade of experience with the Food and Fuel Fund at the Boston Foundation, and in recognition of the power and impact of proximate leaders and organizations on display during the COVID pandemic, the Food, Fuel and Shelter Fund is a partnership between the Boston Foundation and our donors to meet both the immediate and longer-term needs in our community.

In 2023-2024, we will do this by:

  • Supporting organizations and programs that prevent individuals and families from ‘falling through the cracks' by providing direct cash assistance to families and individuals to meet their food, housing and heating needs this winter.
  • Identifying and supporting organizations in the region that specialize in guiding people and families toward available local, state and federal resources that provide food, housing and heating assistance.
  • And redoubling the Food and Fuel Fund’s legacy of donor partnership to support organizations that provide critical access to food, utilities and secure shelter to families in Massachusetts.

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This Fund will provide much-needed assistance to lessen the burdens that members of our community are facing this winter. Funding through this program will be distributed through several channels to meet the immediate need for resources and to ensure that we act responsively to identified needs during the winter months.

To donate to the Food, Fuel and Shelter Fund, please follow the steps below. To learn more about opportunities through the Fund and the Boston Foundation’s other safety net grantmaking programs, contact Candace Burton at Please note that this program is not able to fund individuals directly at this time.

  Read the 2023 Food, Fuel and Shelter Impact Report 
Winter street photo for FF and S banner
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Food, Fuel and Shelter Fund Forum

Nonprofit partners in TBF's Food, Fuel and Shelter Fund shared their stories of impact and discussed how philanthropy can work differently to address the spiraling level of demand for basic needs in this thought-provoking conversation at the Edgerley Center for Civic Leadership.

Click here for the event video and recap

Gift Instructions

Thank you for your interest. You may make credit card donations using the form below.

To give from a Donor Advised Fund, please recommend a grant to "Boston Foundation, Inc." with the name of the fund in the grant purpose field.

To donate by check, make your check payable to "Boston Foundation, Inc." with the name of the fund in the memo field and mail to:

The Boston Foundation
PO Box 843027
Boston, MA 02284-3027

For wire or bank transfers, or to inquire about transferring other types of assets, please click here for a PDF of the fund gift instructions or contact our Fund Administration office at (617) 338-2637 or email