Words of thanks for a civic leader

Friends and colleagues, past and present, thank Paul Grogan for two decades of innovation and impact

A video premiere, toasts, thank yous and the announcement of the Paul S. Grogan Fund highlighted the evening as friends and colleagues thanked him for 20 years of service as President and CEO.

A small family group at The Boston Foundation was joined by a large online audience on May 26 to pay tribute to Paul Grogan as he ends his tenure as President and CEO. In an evening that includes reflections and a series of recognition speeches from past and present colleagues, perhaps the highlight was a 13-minute video that tracked some of Paul's greatest impact on Boston, community foundations and philanthropy as a field.

Watch the tribute video that debuted at the event

As a token of lasting appreciation for Paul's work in civic leadership on issues ranging from education, to the arts, to workforce development, higher education and more, Boston Foundation Board Chair Linda Mason announced the creation of the Paul S. Grogan Fund at The Boston Foundation, established as part of the Foundation's endowment to support the Foundation's ongoing civic leadership work, including convenings, research and policy advocacy that became a hallmark of TBF's work and is now a model adapted to local needs by community foundations across the United States.

The fund, seeded at launch by more than 60 donors, will provide critical support to the Foundation's ongoing efforts under new President and CEO M. Lee Pelton, who formally takes the job on June 1, 2021. 

Upon leaving the Foundation, Paul is shifting his focus to support the field of community foundations more broadly, including as a Senior Advisor for CFLeads, a national network of community foundations committed to taking leadership roles and inspiring change in their communities.

More about the Paul Grogan Era

While the work of the Boston Foundation under Paul Grogan is well represented throughout the pages of this website, these resources may provide a more comprehensive overview of the Foundation's work during Paul Grogan's tenure as President and CEO, and of the Paul S. Grogan Fund.

Paul-Grogan at Centennial Gala Paul S. Grogan Fund

The Paul S. Grogan Fund

The new fund, part of the Permanent Fund for Boston, will support the continuation of the civic leadership work Paul pioneered at the Boston Foundation.

TBF in the City of Ideas 1915-2015 cover TBF in the City of Ideas

 City of Ideas: 1915-2015

The cornerstone publication of The Boston Foundation centennial, The Boston Foundation in the City of Ideas 1915-2015 traces the growth and evolution of TBF into the civc leader it is today.

There at the Beginning stories cover There at the Beginning

There at the Beginning

One of Paul's proudest memories of his time as CEO is the innovative ideas and organizations for which the Foundation has been There at the Beginning. Meet more than 100 organizations for whom the Foundation has provided early support.

Changing the Game cover Changing the Game

Changing the Game

Written in partnership with Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civic Society at Duke University, this book catalogues the evolution of The Boston Foundation's civic leadership model, with a special focus on TBF's impact on education.