Early Childhood Research Roundtable

What Do We Know About the Impacts of Pre-Kindergarten?

January 24, 2018

No video of this forum is available.

As part of our Vision 2020 strategic plan, the Boston Foundation is deepening its focus on the critical pre-natal to age 5 early childhood years to improve children's readiness for success in school and life. We plan to host several forums and convenings in the coming year to raise public awareness of opportunities and challenges in early childhood. In this context, we are launching the Early Childhood Research Roundtable series. This series will periodically convene researchers and program and policy leaders to discuss a specific topic in early childhood with the objective of strengthening connections between research and practice. 

Our inaugural Early Childhood Research Roundtable focused on a recent Brookings Institution's report titled "The Current State of Scientific Knowledge on Pre-Kindergarten Effects," which summarizes what is known about the effectiveness of state and district pre-kindergarten programs on children's learning outcomes. The session featured presentations by two of the report's authors, and included a discussion about the effectiveness of the Boston Public Schools' pre-kindergarten program.

The program included:


Paul S. Grogan, President & CEO, The Boston Foundation

Presentations & Panel Discussion

Tamara Blake-Canty, Principal, Russell Elementary School

Greg Duncan, Distinguished Professor, University of California at Irvine

Jason Sachs, Executive Director of Early Childhood, Boston Public Schools

Christina Weiland, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan 

Panel Moderator

Antoniya Marinova, Program Officer, Education to Career, The Boston Foundation

Early-Childhood-Education-Duncan Download Dr. Duncan's presentation on Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Weiland slides Download Dr. Weiland's presentation about Boston's Pre-K Program






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