Private Foundations + International Giving

Private Foundations

The Boston Foundation works closely with private foundations to increase the impact of their giving. If you have a private foundation, we can help you identify the most worthwhile and proven nonprofits around Boston and across the country—and even abroad. And we will invite you to our public and invitation-only events, provide you with access to cutting-edge research and introduce you to an extended family of donors and civic leaders. 

Private foundations seeking enhanced philanthropic consulting to achieve deep social impact will benefit from the highly-specialized services of The Philanthropic Initiative

You may also move your foundation to a Donor Advised Fund at the Boston Foundation—an easy process that lets you continue to make grants to the organizations you wish to support without having to manage annual tax filings, payout requirements, investment decisions, excise taxes or other demands on your time. 

DAF vs Private Foundation chart

International Giving

Whether supporting organizations through a private foundation or advised funds at the Boston Foundation, your giving can certainly go beyond the bounds of Greater Boston. Several groups have formed through TPI with an international focus, and we invite you to learn more about them.

The Center for Global Philanthropy and its network of experts around the world allows TPI to extend its pioneering efforts in strategic philanthropy abroad. Wherever your interests lie, TPI can help you create and execute effective global philanthropic strategies.

The Haiti Development Institute (HDI) grew out of a philanthropic relief effort following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. With offices in Boston and Arcahaie, Haiti, HDI has now become Haiti's first independent institute committed to long-term sustainable and equitable development. Following a model similar to the Boston Foundation's, its work includes philanthropic guidance, investment in nonprofits, civic leadership and research.

NEID Global, the Network of Engaged International Donors is a vibrant community of engaged global philanthropists learning, giving, investing and partnering together to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and human rights for all.

You can always start with the Foundation's Donor Services staff when exploring the option of taking your philanthropy abroad.