The Philanthropic Initiative

Enhancing the impact of your giving

The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI), an internationally recognized provider of customized philanthropic consulting, pioneered the field of strategic philanthropy and remains a national leader today. Through its services and its work to advance the broader field of strategic philanthropy, TPI has influenced billions of dollars of giving worldwide. In 2012, the Boston Foundation and TPI merged. TPI now operates as a distinct unit of the Boston Foundation.


Since its founding in 1989, TPI has provided personalized consulting to high net worth individuals, families, foundations and corporations nationally and globally. Its Center for Global Philanthropy also works to promote international giving from the U.S. and indigenous philanthropy abroad.

The Boston Foundation’s range of philanthropic services for advisors to Donor Advised Funds is still available through our Donor Services department at no additional charge; however, fund holders can also avail themselves of TPI’s customized philanthropic consulting. TPI advises clients here in Boston, across the nation and outside the U.S. You do not need to be a fund holder or a donor to the Boston Foundation to access these services.

Together, the Boston Foundation and TPI are the complete source for individuals, families, foundations and corporations at any stage who want to give confidently and achieve the greatest impact on the causes they care most about—whether in their backyard or around the globe.

TPI’s Services

  • Strategic planning & facilitation for families and individuals;
  • Services for Corporate giving programs;
  • Customized research on programs and issues;
  • Grants program design, including requests for proposals, proposal review, and site visits;
  • Family philanthropy services;
  • Grants program design & implementation;
  • Consultation on international grantmaking;
  • Strategic planning for Foundations & Corporations.

Examples of TPI’s Work

TPI worked with both the second and third generations of a Boston family to develop effective governance and grant-making strategies, including supporting the third generation’s grant-making focused on education.

TPI provided an assessment for a New England-based and nationally recognized company looking at its philanthropic and community relations efforts, facilitating an idea lab, and developing scenarios for sharpening and modifying the strategic framework of its corporate philanthropy program.

To learn more about TPI’s services, as well as our services for Donor Advised Funds, please email the Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer or call 617-338-2670.