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COVID-19 Response Fund

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The COVID-19 Response Fund was established in March 2020 by a coalition of business, government and philanthropic partners to rapidly deploy flexible resources to organizations in Greater Boston that work with communities disproportionately affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Hosted by the Boston Foundation, The COVID-19 Response Fund awards operating grants on a rolling basis to non-profits whose operations in support of seniors, communities of color, immigrants and other vulnerable populations have been stressed by the outbreak.  The Fund is designed to be adaptable in its goals and focus, which will evolve as community members and nonprofits in our region share their needs. 

Given the immediate needs within our Greater Boston catchment area, the Fund has focused on providing general operating support grants to nonprofits whose operations address the basic needs of vulnerable populations that are under additional strain due to the pandemic.

The Boston Foundation worked with institutions, companies and other funders to contribute to the Fund. However, as of June 2022, the COVID-19 Response Fund is no longer accepting donations.  As the needs triggered and exacerbated by the pandemic continue, the Boston Foundation urges all donors to look for opportunities to support nonprofits directly by making general operating support grants to organizations they wish to help.

Please note: The COVID-19 Response Fund at the Boston Foundation is currently not accepting new applications for the current phase of grantmaking. Please continue to check this page for updates. Current applicants should check their emails for information.

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 Fund announcements and inquiries

The COVID-19 Response Fund is just one of a number of resources that civic and philanthropic organizations are creating to support the needs of individuals, nonprofits and other organizations in Greater Boston and Massachusetts. 

For general questions about the Response Fund, please direct your question to uiUbXV8Xs2r3gJ/p22hybdtXIywb0kHBreqluGlnfCEbjhOt6oi8ZKvkUGQMV4+YrTeaBvH5dx7gyqoirbWQLxl76jSIcjvdGTjNzSr2u+8HVWHg9bauf42kQz0+j4XMTU953LlvAeFrE1niTl9N2OeA/ag6dDyqoOeRIE1rV/8oILswFHYFAdFdNJjoRAqB

Grant announcements:
February 15, 2021
December 11
July 28
July 23

July 1

June 1
May 26
May 18
May 11
May 4
April 28
April 21
April 13
April 6
March 31

March 13: Press release on the COVID-19 Response Fund launch

A list of grantees can be found here

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Resources for reducing vaccine hesitancy

Health experts say vaccine distribution is critical to a just and equitable cending the pandemic. The Boston Foundation has gathered a list of resources for nonprofits and others talking about COVID-19 vaccines, reducing vaccine hesitancy and dispelling disinformation, including multimedia and materials for speakers of languages other than English

Explore the resource guide


A Community Responds: The Boston Foundation and the COVID Crisis

COVID 19 Response Fund update cover

Since March 2020, generous donors have partnered with the Boston Foundation to give more than $15 million to the COVID-19 Response Fund in support of nonprofits taking a lead role in their cities, towns and neighborhoods during the pandemic.

Through the Response Fund, the Foundation has been able to provide urgent funding to more than 200 nonprofit partners to date. As we move forward, the COVID-19 Response Fund is working with locally-based, BIPOC-led and -serving organizations seeking to ensure a just and equitable recovery. This brief updates how, through the Response Fund, our civic leadership work and other initiatives, donors, nonprofits and the Foundation are having a collective impact during the pandemic.