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Impact Pool

A new pool within the Fund for the 21st Century

The Boston Foundation is pleased to offer an Impact Pool within its Fund for the 21st Century.

This socially responsible investment option is available to all our Donor Advised Fund (DAF) holders alongside our existing Balanced Plus and Short Term Pools.

The Impact Pool seeks to support initiatives in areas such as affordable housing, climate change, education, energy efficiency, minority-led business and others with the goal of generating a positive social impact on a global scale and an eye toward supporting our local community. It also aims to lift up companies with strong corporate governance and shareholder advocacy while reducing exposure to those with high negative impact that may be associated with categories such as fossil fuels, alcohol, tobacco, gambling or weapon manufacturing. The Impact Pool offers a diversified investment approach.

Some of the investment managers we are using in the Impact Pool include Boston Common ESG Impact International Fund (International Equity), Farallon Capital F5 Investors, Summit Partners Sustainable L/S Fund (Flexible Capital), Generation Global Equity Fund, Parnassus Core Equity Fund (U.S. Equity) and TIAA-CREF Core Impact Bond Fund (Fixed Income). Our goal is to grow this fund, allowing us to invest in high-impact ventures across all asset classes including Private Equity (such as Bain Capital Double Impact Fund II and Greenspring Diversity Fund I) and Real Estate (such as Rose Affordable Housing Preservation Fund V). We would be happy to share additional information for the Impact Pool upon request.

Impact Pool Asset Allocation:

Impact pool investment allocation

We invite you to be a pioneering impact investor by joining us in this innovative Impact Pool.

To do so, you may direct some or all of your current DAF balance to be invested in the Impact Pool as well as make a new contribution to grow your fund’s balance. Your investment, coupled with your grants should stimulate economic growth, renewable energy, housing development, and much more for the betterment of communities in Greater Boston, across the country and around the world.

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The Boston Foundation is delighted to support our fund holders to harness the impact of Donor Advised Funds by including a variety of impact investments in their philanthropy. In addition to promoting educational efforts, we are able to facilitate recoverable grants and revolving loans, as well as source funding opportunities including social impact bonds and program-related investments. Please let us know what impact you are hoping to achieve.