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The Annual Campaign for Civic Leadership

Contributions for your community.

Driving real change requires harnessing our collective power. Today, more than ever.

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Each year, The Boston Foundation's Annual Campaign for Civic Leadership provides critical support to bring forward changes in arts funding, education and community college reform, criminal justice reform, housing policy changes and much more. This year, it will also enable us to address immediate and long-term issues triggered by COVID-19—the gaps in wealth and job security, health and environmental disparities across our neighborhoods, the dangerous gaps between what we consider essential and where we apply our resources.

While our grantmaking can provide millions of dollars for community nonprofits, our civic leadership work activates those dollars to make a greater difference. Donate now to join the hundreds of like-minded community leaders supporting our roster of research, events, and advocacy efforts.

Civic Leadership in Action: COVID-19

Our unique position as a civic leader - and your generous support - has allowed us to address both the immediate needs and the long-term issues the pandemic has triggered.
Dwight Polar

“The Foundation was able to respond so swiftly and decisively because of the support of the Annual Campaign for Civic Leadership. I believe the unique leadership role the Boston Foundation plays has never been more important than it is during this crisis.”

- Dwight Poler, 2019-2020 co-chair, Annual Campaign for Civic Leadership


COVID 19 Response Fund

Our COVID-19 Response Fund was among the first in the nation, and has provided millions of dollars in general support to more than 200 grantees, the majority of which are led by people of color.


Business Equity Fund

Even as we set up our fund, we have worked closely with both the Boston Resiliency Fund and MA COVID-19 Relief Fund, and partnered to support the needs of minority-owned businesses in the region.


Boston Indicators

Boston Indicators, the research center of the Boston Foundation, works independently and with partners to explore the core issues facing Greater Boston and its people.


Lee Pelton at Podium Upcoming Events

With over 40 public events online each year, our events bring researchers, community leaders and advocates together to share ideas and insights on dozens of issues. 

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Interested in following our work? The Boston Foundation offers a series of newsletters to keep you informed about our work, or you can sign up to be invited to our events. You can even customize the types of events you want to be included in.

Donate to the Annual Campaign

Donating to the Annual Campaign for Civic Leadership is simple. Click on the link below to donate directly by credit card. You can also donate by check, wire transfer, or through your Donor Advised Fund at the Boston Foundation or other organizations.