Each year, the Boston Foundation devotes a portion of its discretionary grantmaking resources to sponsorship grants that help support the annual fundraising and community events of nonprofits in Greater Boston. 

With a focus on equity and closing the gaps in this region’s greatest disparities, these grants serve to open pathways of opportunity for local nonprofits to connect to the Foundation. Our sponsorships are specifically designed to provide general operating support to nonprofits and to increase the presence and engagement of the Boston Foundation within the Greater Boston community. Any nonprofit is eligible to apply, but sponsorships are generally limited to organizations' annual fundraising and community events and are not meant to provide support for ongoing programs. [We do not typically provide funding for athletic events such as walks, runs, rides, or tournaments.] 

In keeping with the Foundation's values and aligned with our Advancing Community Wealth pathway, organizations that apply for sponsorship consideration must commit to paying any artists/performers who will be featured during their events.

If an organization has already received a significant programmatic grant within the same fiscal year, it is not eligible for additional sponsorship funding.

For more information, email Michelle Hinkle, Director of Forums and Convenings, or call (617) 338-4268.

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