The Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion Fund at EdVestors

The Boston Foundation does most of its arts education funding through the Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion Fund at EdVestors as part of a long-term effort to build a stronger, more connected system of in-school arts opportunities and to enhance the school district’s capacity to support schools and coordinate nonprofit partnerships.

By working in collaboration with BPS, individual donors and other foundations, the Foundation seeks to maximize its impact while sharing knowledge of best practices. Arts Expansion Grants support elementary, middle and K–8 schools working to:

  • increase the number of students or the frequency or duration of arts classes;
  • work with teaching artists to provide high quality arts experiences; or,
  • partner with nonprofit arts organizations. 

Since 2009, full-time arts employee positions in Boston Public Schools have been increased by 77, while the number of students receiving once weekly high-quality arts education has risen by 14,000. The Fund’s grant-making approach and guidelines were developed from the February 2009 Understanding Boston report, The Arts Advantage: Expanding Arts in the Boston Public Schools

Please see the EdVestors website for more information.