Nicsa/William T. Blackwell Scholarship Fund

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The Nicsa / William T. Blackwell Scholarship Fund at the Boston Foundation was established as a tribute to Bill Blackwell’s commitment to education and to recognize outstanding students of the Nicsa family with financial and social support for postsecondary education. In 2013 the program was redesigned to support students pursuing degrees in the global investment management industry during their junior and senior years of college. Blackwell Scholars will be provided with two years of scholarship support, a mentor from a Nicsa member company, and access to career networking and internship opportunities.

Gift Instructions

Thank you for your interest. You may make credit card donations using the form below.

To give from your Donor Advised Fund, please recommend a grant to "Boston Foundation, Inc." with the name of the fund in the grant purpose field.

To donate by check, make your check payable to "Boston Foundation, Inc." with the name of the fund in the memo field and mail to:
The Boston Foundation
PO Box 843027
Boston, MA 02284-3027

For wire or bank transfers, or to inquire about transferring other types of assets, please click here for a PDF of the fund gift instructions or contact our Fund Administration office at (617) 338-2213 or email AfuTe8v4pIU58OZmxagLhiy6A1mCa2HX8j9pMlpy6VU3nP9T5yVPAZmPAyB9QkyZivhRJE846FcPdhZhvBWBeCf21XTqF1eKC/m3AxpBNeao4NpWWdbA75xY7XIllvFJAl8Hj3QBpbCn+T9/9DYcG01WtplIGB7QCQ4Byi6lvNucFLYw3TfNdQHiaAWeuXXO.