How Can Philanthropy Support Migrant Relief? ​

March 27, 2024

March 27, 2024

On March 27, 2024, The Boston Foundation held a briefing with donors to discuss the current influx of newcomers in Massachusetts. The conversation covered the ways in which philanthropy can support relief for the influx of newcomers from other countries.

The conversation explored the numerous obstacles new arrivals face as they try to survive and thrive in our ever-changing region amid challenges such as language barriers, increases in xenophobia, and a lack of cultural understanding. As stated by Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll during our conversation, “government cannot take this on alone,” which is why we hope you will rise to this unique challenge and help us to alleviate the many issues new Bostonians face.   

We invite you to take the next step to make Boston a more equitable place for migrants through supporting the work of the Caribbean Youth Club and Immigrant Family Services Institute, along with more than 30 community organizations that received funding from the MA Migrant Relief Fund, which TBF founded in partnership with the United Way of Mass Bay. Additionally, we encourage you to explore and support international organizations that are addressing the root causes of migration, such as our own Haiti Development Institute.  

Another way to help is to volunteer with the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) or support one of their programs. Also, TBF’s Skillworks is providing support for numerous organizations, such as English for New Bostonians and the African Bridge Network, and is seeking thought partners and advocates in this space.

You can also support these newcomers by investing your time and talent through sponsoring migrants, donating essential items, and exploring the work of shelters in your local cities and towns. Volunteering to sponsor migrants and donating to food banks are impactful ways to guide and assist those seeking asylum.  


Lee Pelton, President & CEO, The Boston Foundation

Panel Discussion
The Massachusetts Migrant Family Relief Fund
Vetto Casado, Director, Shifting Power and Advancing Justice, the Boston Foundation (Moderator)
Dr. Geralde Gabeau, Executive Director, Immigrant Family Services Institute (IFSI)
Nickey Nesbeth, Founder & Executive Director, Caribbean Youth Club (CYC)

Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Haitian Immigration
Pierre Noel, Executive Director, Haiti Development Institute at the Boston Foundation

Closing Remarks
Kate Guedj, Vice President and Chief Development Officer, The Boston Foundation