MA Coalition for Racial Equity in Housing: Collective Statement and Racial Equity Rubric

April 30, 2024

Developed over the course of two years of meetings, consultations and focus groups, practice dialogue, and critical reflections on race and housing, the Massachusetts Coalition for Racial Equity in Housing (MACREH) crafted their Racial Equity Rubric around a central task: to develop a rubric for racial equity in housing. The rubric is designed in an effort to not only change internal and sector-wide practices and procedures, but to enable deeper accountability, cultural shifts, and concrete indicators to measure success.

The coalition, made up of representatives of more than a dozen housing and housing-related organizations, developed the rubric spanning six focus areas:

  • Black wealth building
  • Self-determination and agency for marginalized communities of color
  • Diverse sector leadership and equity-centered organizations
  • Inclusive housing opportunities and development without displacement
  • Transparency and public accountability for the racialized harms and benefits of policy and planning decisions
  • Reparative housing policies and practices

Taken together, the actions outlined in this rubric can galvanize a movement across the housing and community development sectors to make advancing racial justice in housing a shared and central commitment for residents, advocates, and practitioners in Massachusetts.