The Boston Foundation 2022 Annual Report: A City Reawakens

November 2022

 A City Reawakens: The 2022 Annual Report

This is an energizing time for Greater Boston and for the Boston Foundation.

Following one of the most painful chapters in our city’s history, the people of Boston are experiencing a reawakening. Informed by the hard lessons we learned during the pandemic, we are embracing, even demanding, change.

It was in this climate that the Boston Foundation introduced Our New Pathway, a strategic vision that focuses on recognizing and repairing the harm that has been done in the past while building a more equitable future. I am deeply grateful that this vision has been so warmly received by our staff, our board and by the communities we serve.

This annual report briefly tells the stories of some of the inequities we tackled this year and our responses to them. I hope you will find the text and the photography—by a diverse group of Boston photographers—both informative and uplifting.

M. Lee Pelton

M. Lee Pelton
President and CEO