Jamie Jaffee to head The Philanthropic Initiative at the Boston Foundation

February 4, 2013

Jamie Jaffee photoBostonThe Boston Foundation, Greater Boston’s community foundation, today announced that respected entrepreneur and philanthropic adviser Jamie Jaffee will join The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI), an operating unit of the Boston Foundation, as Managing Partner.

“It is a great pleasure to announce that Jamie Jaffee is joining the Boston Foundation and leading TPI,” said Paul S. Grogan, President and CEO of the Boston Foundation. “As Managing Partner of TPI, she brings a wealth of experience in donor advising, consulting and strategic development. As the person responsible for the launch of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, she changed the course of donor-advised funds in the U.S., and will put her inestimable talents to work strengthening TPI’s already well-known services to families, foundations and corporations worldwide who seek to advance the art and science of their philanthropy.”

Jaffee was the first President of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, which she built from zero to $2 billion in charitable assets during her tenure, creating what is now the largest grant maker in the United States with donors having distributed over $14 billion in grants nationally and internationally. After leaving Fidelity, Jaffee worked for the Bridgespan Group and then founded Jamie Jaffee Enterprises, a consulting, coaching and advisory firm providing high impact business and executive development solutions to foundations, corporations and nonprofit organizations, which she has run since 2003.

Jaffee, who begins on February 4th, fills the role held by Ellen Remmer, long-time TPI executive who announced last year that she would refocus on working more directly with TPI clients.

“Ellen Remmer is a recognized leader in strategic philanthropy, and knowing she is remaining with TPI to advise clients and continue TPI’s efforts to advance the broader field makes this announcement even more satisfying,” said Grogan.

TPI pioneered the field of strategic philanthropic advising. In that spirit, TPI merged with the Boston Foundation in 2012 to create an innovative model for anticipating and meeting the needs of donors in the years ahead. Today, families, foundations, and corporations continue to rely on TPI to design and execute custom strategies for achieving deep social impact.


The Boston Foundation, Greater Boston’s community foundation, is one of the oldest and largest community foundations in the nation, with net assets of more than $800 million.  In 2012, the Foundation and its donors made $88 million in grants to nonprofit organizations and received gifts of close to $60 million. The Foundation is a partner in philanthropy, with some 900 separate charitable funds established by donors either for the general benefit of the community or for special purposes.  The Boston Foundation also serves as a major civic leader, provider of information, convener and sponsor of special initiatives that address the region’s most pressing challenges.  The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI), an operating unit of the Foundation, offers customized consulting services to philanthropists.  Through its consulting and its work to advance the broader field of strategic philanthropy, TPI has influenced billions of dollars of giving worldwide. For more information about the Boston Foundation and TPI, visit www.tbf.org or call 617-338-1700.