There at the Beginning: Boston Opportunity Agenda

TBF News Winter 2020

BOA 10 years image

In 2010, for the first time in history, the Boston Foundation, the City of Boston, the Boston Public Schools and the community’s leading charities and foundations came together around a common agenda. They were dedicated to building a long-term partnership focused on achieving meaningful systemic change across the educational pipeline for all of Boston’s learners. Their commitment? To ensure that all of Boston’s residents would have access to the education necessary for upward economic mobility, civic engagement and life-long learning.

A decade later, the partners remain deeply committed to the goal. The work has flourished through a culture of shared vision, valued data and empowered community engagement. As it enters its second decade, it has been recognized by numerous national networks and attracted more than $35 million in local funding and over $15 million in national support. The work goes on.