The Boston Foundation's 2019 Annual Report and Meeting

Look at What We Accomplished Together

TBF News Winter 2020

2019 Annual Report Cover image only

At a performance-filled evening, the Boston Foundation released its 2019 Annual Report titled “Look at What We Accomplished Together.” It pays tribute to the many partners who helped us make it a big year for supporting grassroots leaders, performing artists, innovative educators, businesses owners of color, college students and workers in training. 

“Our 2019 Annual Report is a testament to the success of our work together with you, whether you are a donor, nonprofit or community leader, fellow funder, research partner, business ally, public servant or a grassroots activist,” said Paul Grogan, opening the speaking part of the evening.

Oompa, Boston-born poet, rapper and educator

He added that while an annual meeting is a great time to look back at accomplishments, it’s important to use the time to think about the work yet to be done. “We are in the midst of one of the greatest booming economies in Boston’s history,” he explained, “but as several of the reports we released this year show, not everyone is benefiting. Entire families and neighborhoods are being left behind.”

He went on to pay tribute to the Foundation’s Board Chair Sandy Edgerley, whose tenure is coming to a close. “Under Sandy’s leadership, we went through a pivotal point in our history as a community foundation,” he said. “We celebrated our first 100 years of supporting Greater Boston and ushered in the beginning of our next 100 years. Personally for me, it has been a tremendous pleasure to work alongside Sandy.”

Edgerley, who spoke next, thanked Grogan, saying that it had been a privilege to work closely with him. “Many of you represent our city’s nonprofit organizations. Boston has a uniquely strong nonprofit sector,  not only because of our large institutions, but also because of the medium-sized service organizations and the innovative start-ups and grassroots groups that serve the people of our community every day. It has been especially gratifying to work with all of you, our partners, to build a Greater Boston that works for everyone.”