Meet Our Donors

Meet Our Donors

“We are at a time in our lives of de-accessioning and divestment of privilege. It is possible for us now—and compelling—literally to spread the wealth.”

Belden and Pamela Daniels, Donors


Donor Conversations

Complete transcripts are available of the donor conversations that appeared in the Boston Foundation's 2017 Annual Report, The Problem Solvers: How a Group of Unusually Creative Philanthropists Are Helping to Solve Some of Boston’s Big ProblemsClick here for a list of the donor conversation transcripts.

Joseph Corcoran
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Joseph Corcoran: Developing the Vision to Transform a Child's Life

When Stanford University economist Raj Chetty presented his “Equality of Opportunity Project” at a major Centennial conference held by the Boston Foundation in 2015, he said that living in neighborhoods that are home to mixed-income families can “literally transform a child’s life.”  Joseph E. Corcoran has known that intuitively since he was a child. A man far ahead of his time, he grew up the youngest of eight children, born to Irish immigrant parents in a mixed-income neighborhood in Dorchester.

Meet Joe Corcoran