The Quincy High Class of 1973 Memorial Scholarship Fund

A yearbook cover; it's a rich blue color, with two golden seals on it - one on the top left and one on the bottom right. They have intricate designs of a man riding a horse with mountains behind him, and the Quincy Vocational Tech. High logo. Two golden lines run from the seals, up/down the length of the cover. Golden text in the middle says "Goldenrod, 1973."

Members of the Class of 1973 have generously established a needs-based scholarship in memory of our classmates and the times we shared together at Quincy High School. This scholarship will be awarded in perpetuity to a worthy graduating senior for further education and/or professional development. Beginning in the Spring of 2023, a scholarship committee at the school will identify the appropriate student to receive this annual award.  The criteria for scholarship recipients are:

  1. enrolled in Quincy High School in good standing,
  2. resident of Quincy, MA,
  3. in demonstrated financial need.

To talk with someone at Quincy High School about this scholarship, please contact Alicia Lyons at Quincy High School at z4qczivcPYflrWWwxZioQRHZiYBMEngvA/pp74/+1TdCWn+NdDnPN85k4WmoVcjGfS8wsa4YOpxJZLMIDKkHTn44jeWPxrPwmFBkObRhbZ9QPDi3yA5r+tVkNYMBofR/Q8V2cmFWCrvA0M9BfvXEl8JJZ8IMfZOlJMuBRh6pxs4MNiAoXsZgXXqj7eypgh76+KoQ8xcCujdR+4j0yIv/1ON9pjtE9gaQHtM3d+CEzvAcc2+sPP1hqMVgx2Qc20/ImxlV5HWdcGdxT4yYOEnuhrt8B5Ee9y5YIAL8AUBQAWZRlzlccfX6cg27+wMBPPwo. To talk with a member of the Class of 1973 about this scholarship, please contact Diane Uvanitte Kirk at JaruYR2cCY4d1n/PRAhY+rO1pkf/hTTxuzcVl/DTHUb+AeAArDYXhQRo6twPTNlVUrXEDD0Gu/V3tYJNYsxgGqupXS4yM2BuK4akw8nGp+5O/ptjqrtPddEFzddLk8ytfL0h0xsqUeDHNxleXaJ0L+5av1d9bk/DzmZux9Df08dyD9Gk+fBD2PKUQ1Cskam9 or Chris Toy at 5OWIWy45+fISxhwrYLPbuMJmK2UxKPPfrK0L52IRejzbGmUWGYdD6cJ1YVL7dzDs8CZhZ3P+eucdbPJHACHdwOSH8B99wVkfvTJ2/gn2m41YkjryDiLoNabYxsfhc947rvTkn1LHdA04rgClbfyvBi0ZmFo6UgEbqkoGgQyNo8HjQhKMZzXXjURTF+Rr6mKA4i50w0WKzBBopmKBXTAu4g==.

Gift Instructions

Thank you for your interest. You may make credit card donations using the form below.

To donate by check, make your check payable to "Boston Foundation, Inc." with the name of the fund in the memo field and mail to:
The Boston Foundation
Fund Administration
75 Arlington Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02116

For wire or bank transfers, or to inquire about transferring other types of assets, please click here for a PDF of the fund gift instructions or contact our Fund Administration office at (617) 338-2213 or email TuhRl3UzQf0jpeGVsPTNMJB5QkKWKt4DTfCzfL/JBUoBaKRGz8T95Z1zXjNizUhzJWTJb1HfHxuUs7usyYeoP4JRhtZy5AY9oWCLoDofUvSZCJgmdwQmVeVnA6Xfmi/KN2yP+j6TFNtOwt2bvXeDtgDu7E13+qByKMpfBAtClDLUocsNMhwXRlxZ8CHA0jOW.