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MasksOn Prototype testing
Our first masks undergoing clinician fit and use testing in Boston hospitals.

MasksOn is a nonprofit initiative to provide 1,000,000 protected-clinician-days during April 2020.

We are mobilizing top talent in medicine, technology and academia to generate immediate, low-cost and high-quality protective gear for healthcare workers at the frontline of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The team is building durable, reusable, and sanitizable medical personal protective equipment (PPE) via sourcing readily available full-face snorkel equipment, rapidly printing adaptors, and distributing assembled masks to the health care professionals who are providing care for the sickest patients in Intensive Care Units and Emergency Rooms.


COVID-19 continues to overwhelm hospitals across the world, creating a dire shortage of the personal protective equipment (PPE) that keeps front-line healthcare providers safe. Many doctors, nurses, and hospital staff have been forced to rely on donations, crowdsourcing, and the ever-trending #GetMePPE to attain the basic equipment needed to help their patients. Until the PPE shortage is resolved, MasksOn is addressing the critical gap during which health care workers are left unprotected. Front-line workers in Italy and Spain were rapidly infected, and many experts believe this was a major contributor to the scale of the disaster there. We need to act immediately to avoid a similar situation here in the United States, and literally every day counts.


MasksOn is adapting full-face snorkel masks to fit breathing filters that are already being used in hospitals. The team is mass-producing mask adaptors via 3D printing and distributing to hospitals and clinics across the country. To achieve the highest-possible quality in the shortest-possible time, our clinicians, engineers, and manufacturers conducted a panel of rigorous quality control tests, including OSHA standard tests. Dozens of clinicians volunteered to test in hospitals around Boston. Distribution has begun in Boston followed by New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas Fort Worth and more. These masks are targeted for use by clinicians performing high-risk for COVID transmission procedures.

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