The Linda Brown Legacy Fund

Linda Brown wanted every child, regardless of zip code, to have an excellent school. 

A titan in education reform, Linda founded Building Excellent Schools, which she led for two decades. Linda identified and trained hundreds of aspiring school leaders in a rigorous national Fellowship; many of Linda’s Fellows have founded some of the highest performing charter schools in the country.

Linda spent the first half of her career educating children fortunate enough to access a superb private school. With education reform of the mid-1990s and the growth of charter schools, Linda devoted the remainder of her life to bringing an excellent education to all children - especially those in historically underserved communities.

Linda was fierce, loving, and truthful. She saw public schools that were not good enough and worked relentlessly to build excellent ones—schools that would place every child on the road to college and a life of opportunity. She was also mischievous, witty, and intensely loyal. 

A black and white close-up headshot of Linda Brown, an older woman with short white hair cut to pixie length.
Photo courtesy of Steven Wilson
Linda changed hundreds of thousands of lives: the hundreds of charter founders she trained, the tens of thousands of students they continue to educate, and the countless others she inspired to dramatically improve the quality of schools across the country.

The Linda Brown Legacy Fund was established to honor and continue Linda’s extraordinary contributions to  public education. The Fund will award annual grants to schools that embody her vision of excellence and urgency; those schools will disburse awards directly to students to defray some of the out-of-pocket costs that can derail students on the road to and through college.

The Linda Brown Legacy Fund at the Boston Foundation is a Donor Advised Fund Advised by Sue Walsh, Jim Peyser, and Rebecca Cass.

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