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Haiti Earthquake 2021 Fund

In 2010, the Boston Foundation established the Haiti Fund in response to the devastating earthquake that hit the island in January of that year.  After five years, the Haiti Fund was sunset and, in its place, the Haiti Development Institute (HDI) was born. 

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Eleven years later, as Haiti faces the damage of another calamitous earthquake. HDI and the Boston Foundation are working in partnership to respond once again.

The scope of damage and loss of life is not yet known, but it is clear it is devastating, and falls on communities that have already been impoverished by the pandemic, drought and insecurity.

The international community has learned from past mistakes that it is crucial to engage local community institutions in disaster response and to put resources directly into their hands. 

HDI can help donors do this.

We are in communication with our local partners and collecting information to assess what the needs and priorities are.  Your support will help HDI bring resources to local Haitian organizations and affected communities — empowering them to help victims cope in the short term and rebuild their lives by repairing agricultural infrastructure, replanting farms, replacing animals, rebuilding schools and more. We work closely with all our grantees to ensure projects are implemented as intended. This is the most sustainable way to help and is true solidarity. These local groups work to improve their community’s wellbeing for the long haul, building resilience and supporting mental health. Where aid organizations cannot get through, they are already on the ground saving their neighbors’ lives.

Mèsi anpil for your generous support.

Please note: The minimum donation is $25. If you have questions about the Fund and its purpose, please email Elizabeth Fischelis at HDI -

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How HDI can help

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Since 2010, we have supported many organizations in the quake area with grants and coaching to strengthen their poverty-fighting programs.  HDI helped partners in this same area help their communities recover from Hurricane Matthew in 2016. 

By channeling disaster assistance to local Haitian organizations with roots and boots in the affected communities, we strengthen community institutions that will be there to drive full recovery - from immediate response through reconstruction to prosperity. The immediate needs are critical, but the work of recovery and rebuilding, and addressing the underlying issues that will continue to emerge in the aftermath of this disaster will last long after the media attention fades. HDI is uniquely positioned to provide long-term support and strengthen critical systems that can address the real challenges facing Haiti and its people in the months and years ahead.