Black Philanthropy Fund

The Black Philanthropy Fund is committed to making a difference in the educational achievement and opportunities of black and disadvantaged children. We created the Boston Basics Campaign, in partnership with Harvard’s Achievement Gap Initiative, to support parents and caregivers in stimulating brain growth in infants and toddlers ages 0-3.

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80% of brain growth happens by age 3, and by age 2 there are already clear cognitive skill gaps between children of color and white children, which only grow over time and are responsible for achievement gaps in learning and life. We are mobilizing parents and the professionals who serve them to share and practice The Basics, 5 easy and fun parenting strategies that can be done at home, during a doctor's visit, in a childcare setting, anyplace where children are cared for.

The Basics are:  1) Maximize Love, Manage Stress; 2) Talk, Sing, and Point; 3) Count, Group, and Compare; 4) Explore Through Movement and Play; 5) Read and Discuss Stories.  Anyone can practice The Basics; no expensive equipment or advanced degree is needed to help babies and toddlers achieve their full potential.

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