Company Giving

How can philanthropy further your business goals, engage employees and have real social impact?

Opening a Company Fund at the Boston Foundation provides you with a simple, flexible and effective way to conduct and manage your business's giving that is far less time consuming and costly than establishing a corporate foundation.

Company Fund Advantages

Maintaining a Company Fund is approximately three times less expensive than establishing and running a corporate foundation. But cost savings are not the only advantage.


Employees don’t have to devote long hours to the charitable giving process, to administering grants or to dealing with tax returns or audits.


Companies can give a variety of assets, even complex assets, recommend grants and change their giving to suit evolving priorities.


The Boston Foundation offers local, national and even global expertise to help target corporate charitable giving to meet your needs, for local and global giving.

The Company Fund Difference*

  • Your company can easily suggest grants to nonprofits in local and global markets; we take care of the due diligence for you.
  • We manage all reporting and monitoring of your grants and programs, including tax receipts and award letters.
  • We can run grant-making “circles” or grant rounds for your employees and/or executives.
  • We will invite your employees to a variety of educational forums, with topics ranging from Education to Affordable Housing to Job Creation and the Arts.
  • You can maintain your company brand, naming the Fund whatever you wish (i.e., “Carbonite Charitable Fund”).
  • Employees can contribute to the Fund.
  • We can help your employees find nonprofit boards to join.
  • Contributions are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.
  • You and your employees can donate diverse assets, including cash or stock (pre-IPO and appreciated).

Tim Smith

Contact Senior Director of Innovation Partnerships & Pledge 1% Tim Smith to learn more about how we work with companies.

In addition, The Philanthropic Initiative, the consulting services arm of the Boston Foundation, provides companies with in-depth and specialized services if desired. Whether your market is domestic or multinational, TPI will help you give more effectively through strategic planning, executive services, innovative program design, in-depth research and grants administration and management services.

*Some of these services involve additional contracts or fees, based on their complexity and size of the Fund.

Pledge 1% Boston and Early-Stage Corporate Philanthropy

Pledge 1% Boston encourages and challenges founders and CEOs to pledge 1% of equity (either personal or company), product and employee time for their communities—and help put that intent into action. Pledge 1% Boston is the local embodiment of the broader global movement, Pledge 1%. The movement was sparked by three companies in 2014, including Salesforce, Atlassian and Rally, to change the world through inspiring early-stage corporate philanthropy. TUGG and the Boston Foundation are excited to spearhead this movement in Boston.

Benefits of Working with the Boston Foundation

  • Deep knowledge of local, national and global philanthropy
  • A sound reputation for working with companies of all sizes to meet their charitable needs
  • Access to research reports and events