IFSI After School program

TBF Giving Guide: Immigrant Rights and Needs 

Resources on Martha's Vineyard and in Massachusetts

September 16, 2022

Banner Photo: Students study in an after-school program hosted by Immigrant Family Services Institute in Mattapan, one of a number of critical services and supports the organization has provided to newly-arrived immigrants in Boston and their families.

News from Martha’s Vineyard this week that a chartered plane of immigrants landed on the island without warning was met with a moving response of aid and a welcoming spirit by the people of Martha’s Vineyard and others across Massachusetts and the nation. TBF is closely following the developing situation and we are inspired by the rallying together and generosity of community members, civic organizations and nonprofits as they come forward to welcome and provide for the immigrants who desperately needed food, a space to sleep and comfort.

The group that arrived on Martha's Vineyard has now been moved to Cape Cod, and our colleagues at the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation (MVCF) are working with local organizations that answered the call when needed to ensure that they can replenish their supplies and prepare for future needs.

A number of those organizations also are accepting direct support, including: 

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services - https://www.mvcommunityservices.org/

Harbor Homes Martha’s Vineyard - https://www.harborhomesmv.com/

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Edgartown - http://standrewsmv.org/?page_id=213

Island Grown Initiative - https://www.igimv.org/

As the situation changes, we will share more information as we get it.

The Boston Foundation was founded in 1915 largely to respond to the need of the thousands of immigrants arriving in the Port of Boston from Southern and Eastern Europe needing services and help. Throughout our history, we have continued to proudly support organizations that work to meet the needs of immigrants and refugees from all countries. Massachusetts organizations engaging in this work include:

Lawyers for Civil Rights works with communities of color and immigrants to fight discrimination and foster equity through creative and courageous legal advocacy, education, and economic empowerment, and mobilized a rapid response team to help all incoming migrants on Martha’s Vineyard with all necessary legal aid/resources possible.

Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition: Founded in 1987, MIRA works to protect and support immigrants and refugees in the Commonwealth by identifying and removing barriers to integration. Through collaboration with local and state leaders, MIRA helps to craft more inclusive policies and serves as a unifying force, connecting immigrants and refugees, service providers and a wide array of allies to fight together for a just and inclusive society.

Immigrant and Family Services Institute: IFSI’s mission is to expedite the successful integration of recent immigrants into the social and economic fabric of the United States with justice and dignity. Through the “village” model, IFSI integrates children, parents, grandparents, and other stakeholders into their programs and provides services to promote education, encourage civic engagement, and strengthen communities.

Refugee & Immigrant Assistance Center: With offices in Boston, Lynn and Worcester, RIAC is a community-based, grassroots human service agency that provides comprehensive services to refugees, asylees, and immigrants as well as the larger community. Their services include refugee resettlement, counseling, outreach and education, and other social services.

Rian Immigrant Center: Rian's welcome center provides a comprehensive, multi-service approach to supporting immigrant and refugee families from more than 120 different countries. Along with offering legal, education, and resource support services, Rian advocates for fair immigration legislation and policies in the Commonwealth and in the United States.

International Institute of New England: IINE’s community-based sites across New England feature services including refugee resettlement, case management, health services navigation, employment, education and literacy, and citizenship programming. Over the last century, IINE has offered specialized services, assisted each new wave of refugees from all over the world, and served as a center of hospitality.

La Colaborativa: Founded in 1988, La Colaborativa is a steady, trusted, and fearless partner to Latinx immigrants in Greater Boston, with a focus on gateway cities and towns such as Chelsea, East Boston, Everett, Lynn, Revere, and Malden. The organization is focused on food and housing security, economic advancement, cultural celebration, and immigrant leadership that drives policy and systems changes to benefit Latinx communities over the long-term.

We will be closely following developments and continuing to share ideas for donors and community members to respond to this human rights crisis.