Resources to Support During the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

We at the Boston Foundation are troubled and saddened by the ongoing violence and displacement happening in Ukraine. To help as we can, we are collecting many possible avenues for those seeking to help the Ukrainian people in this time of need. All nonprofits listed can receive grants from Donor Advised Funds.

We will continue to update this list as the situation continues.

  • World Central Kitchen is serving hot meals to refugees and displaced persons at many locations bordering Ukraine.
  • DirectRelief has set up a fund to support health organizations on the ground in Ukraine providing medical support.
  • Save the Children is on the ground helping to deliver lifesaving aid to children in Ukraine who currently are at high risk of physical harm, emotional distress, and displacement.
  • UNICEF is working with communities and organizations as close as possible to conflict affected areas by delivering water, medical and hygiene supplies, and emergency education. They are also working with local governments to ensure immediate aid for children and families who have been displaced.
  • The International Medical Corps, who have been working with healthcare services in Ukraine since 1999, "stand ready to provide additional medical, mental health and other healthcare-related services in response to any escalation in the scale and scope of the conflict".
  • Combined Jewish Philanthropies has launched a Ukraine Emergency Fund, of which 100% of the funds are going to their partner organizations on the ground to provide direct support to those most in need.
  • HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society ) has presence in Ukraine through a partnership with Right to Protection (R2P), an independent Ukrainian NGO based in Kyiv with offices across Ukraine, that provides legal assistance as well as monitors and advocates for improvements in the legal and regulatory framework affecting internally displaced people (IDPs); conflict-affected persons residing in or near non-government-controlled territories; refugees; asylum seekers; and stateless persons.
  • The Center for Disaster Philanthropy have developed a Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis page and a Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Recovery Fund, which will focus on addressing humanitarian needs that arise, particularly among the most vulnerable, marginalized and at-risk internally-displaced peoples (IDPs) and refugees.
  • CARE has established a Ukraine Crisis Fund to reach 4 million with immediate aid and recovery, food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance - prioritizing women and girls, families, and the elderly.
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross is seeking donations to support its work to respond to the Ukraine crisis.
  • Project HOPE has been in Ukraine since 2002 and has teams on the ground supporting clinics and health systems.
  • Global Empowerment Mission has established a welcome center in Medyka, Poland/Ukraine border which serves as a complimentary Travel Relocation center and aid center. GEM Bstrong will focus primarily on its relocation programs along with support of short term vital necessities. 
  • Revived Soldiers Ukraine is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing aid to the people of Ukraine in support of their fundamental human rights and medical rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Nova Ukraine is dedicated to raising awareness about Ukraine in the US and throughout the world and providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We work closely with non-profits and volunteers focused on helping Ukraine. 
  • International Rescue Committee has been working to distribute direct cash payments, essentials, winter kits, and is helping to resettle Ukrainian refugees.
  • is an organization dedicated to genocide prevention and educational activities about killing sites in Ukraine. Since 2022 they are actively providing humanitarian support in Ukraine to disadvantaged families affected by the war in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Fund: Established as a designated fund at the Boston Foundation, the Ukraine Relief Fund helps to address the urgent and sustained humanitarian needs of Ukrainians through a well-established Polish non-profit organization called KIK. Find out more and donate now. (EIN: 04-2104021)
  • Cash for Refugees: Begun as a donor advised fund at the Boston Foundation, Cash for Refugees provides unexpected financial support to refugees to help them restore some sense of hope and agency. Learn more and donate now. (EIN: 88-1228984)

Nick Deychakiwsky, Senior Program Officer for Civil Society at the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, started his career at the Mott Foundation grantmaking to support civil society in Ukraine and Russia 22 years ago.  It’s a big part of his life personally as well:  he lived and worked in Kyiv for nine years in the 1990s, his parents were post-WWII refugees and were welcomed by the United States of America, and his wife is from Kyiv. These are his thoughts and recommendations from February 25th.

  • The Razom Emergency Response fundraiser was created to provide urgent help and support in face of extreme and unforeseen situations in Ukraine.  Right now they are purchasing medical supplies for critical situations like blood loss and other tactical medicine items.
  • Support Hospitals in Ukraine [program sponsored by Project C.U.R.E.] have sent over $4.05M in cargo to hospitals since 2014.  They continue their operation to support this key infrastructure in Ukraine at a time of war.
  • United Help Ukraine is working to provide life-saving individual first aid kits (IFAKs) containing blood-stopping bandages and tourniquets and other emergency medical supplies to the front lines and is cooperating with other emergency response organizations to prepare humanitarian aid to civilians that might be directly affected by Russia’s attack.
  • United Ukrainian American Relief Committee is gathering funds to provide humanitarian aid to victims of war in Ukraine.
  • International Rescue Committee has launched an emergency appeal to help support displaced Ukrainian families with critical aid.
  • The United Nations High Commission for Refugees is working with the authorities, the United Nations and other partners in Ukraine and is ready to provide humanitarian assistance wherever necessary and possible.
  • Amnesty International works to protect the human rights of Ukrainians and protect Ukrainians at risk.
  • Leleka Foundation is a small US-based charitable non-profit organization founded in 2014 that raises charitable funds for implementing various medical and social support projects in Ukraine.
  • The list will be updated on the Boston Foundation’s website as more information is available.  Please share any additional resources with