Boston EdTalks: Dianne Kelly and Will Schwartz, Revere, MA Schools

When teachers and administrators work together to lead and inspire, student success often follows

By Ted McEnroe, Director of External Communications

On this edition of the Boston EdTalks podcast, we look at the intersection between the structures of school administration and what happens in the classroom.

Terms like “empowering educators”, “fostering collaboration” and “culture of innovation” are thrown around in any number of school districts. But how many really mean it, and what does it mean for a school and a district to make those catchphrases a real piece of the educational process?

Revere Public Schools Superintendent Dianne Kelly and math teacher Will Schwartz sit down with journalist Ethan Bronner to talk about the change needed to make it possible for teachers to play leadership roles, play a collaborative role with administrators in decision making, and turn their classrooms into more innovative, flexible environments for learning.