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Welcome to the Boston Foundation's Report Archive.

The Boston Foundation’s civic leadership is conducted through our Understanding Boston formula for positive change.  With an emphasis on strengthening this region’s competitiveness in the global economy, the Foundation works with many partners to publish cutting edge research, hold public forums, and convene task forces of experts and stakeholders to create action agendas for real change.

Here you will find a growing number of reports about Greater Boston that the Boston Foundation staff has developed through partnerships with government and local institutions.

The reports are presented in reverse chronological order.  You also may filter the results by objective (such as Education to Career or Health & Wellness), related initiative (such as Healthy People/Health Economy) or topic (such as Community Safety or Cultural Vitality).

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  • Opportunity in Change: Preparing Boston for Leader Transitions and New Models of Nonprofit Leadership

    Publish Date:March 24, 2017

    Opportunity in Change cover

    Greater Boston nonprofits stand at a historic inflection point given the unprecedented volume of leadership transition within and outside the sector. This joint report by Third Sector New England and the Boston Foundation examines these sector-wide changes and the opportunities to strengthen nonprofits and their leaders by seizing upon this moment.

  • The Power of Coaching

    Publish Date:March 23, 2017

    Success Boston Report cover 3.17

    This report, prepared for the Success Boston College Completion Initiative by the research firm Abt Associates, shows that graduates of the Boston Public Schools who are receiving coaching through the initiative have a significant advantage over other students.  For more detailed information about the research, download the Interim Outcomes Report and the Implementation Report.


  • The Growing Challenge of Family Homelessness: Homeless Assistance for Families in Massachusetts: Trends in Use FY2008-2016

    Publish Date:February 23, 2017

    Homelessness Report 2017 cover

    The Boston Foundation released the first report analyzing family homelessness and homeless shelters using the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' internal data.  The report answers many basic questions about family homelessness and shelter usage, such as: how have the demographics of families in shelter stayed over time; what types of assistance do they receive; how long do they stay; which families stay the longest; are there regional differences?  It is our hope that the answers to these questions will help both policymakers and shelter providers craft policies and programs that help homeless families find the stable housing that will allow them to thrive.

  • BOA Sixth Annual Report Card

    Publish Date:February 2, 2017

    BOA Report Card 6 cover
    The 2017 Boston Opportunity Agenda Report Card, an annual measure of the City’s progress on key education metrics, found that high school graduation, college enrollment, and college completion rates continue to increase in Boston. The six-year college completion rate increased to 51.3 percent for 2009 graduates of the Boston Public Schools, an uptick from 50 percent for BPS graduates who completed high school in 2006.  The report also found that the high school graduation rate went up for all three types of schools.
  • 2016 Greater Boston Housing Report Card

    Publish Date:November 29, 2016

    2016 Housing Report Card cover

    The Trouble with Growth:
    How Unbalanced Economic Expansion Affects Housing

    The unifying theme of this 14th Greater Boston Housing Report Card is that, in spite of a strong commitment to making housing more affordable in the region and despite a variety of imaginative efforts put forward by the Commonwealth and the City of Boston, housing supply is not keeping up with the housing demand of a growing population and, as a result, housing is less affordable than ever. 

  • In Search of Opportunity: Latino Men’s Paths to Post-Secondary Education in Urban Massachusetts

    Publish Date:November 28, 2016

    In Search of Oppotrunity cover
    Rarely do studies look to the voices of youth to confront the struggles they face. This report offers a critique of public education from the perspective of young Latino males as they reflect upon their own experiences and perceptions—and struggles—with their educational trajectories. Combined with quantitative data, this report reveals the challenges that Latino males in urban Massachusetts face in pursuit of education and of their imagined futures.

  • The Boston Foundation's 2016 Annual Report

    Publish Date:November 17, 2016

    2016 Annual Report cover
    This is How We Build Boston's Future:
    One Opportunity at a Time
  • Geography of Incarceration

    Publish Date:November 10, 2016

    Geography of Incarceration cover
    This report, produced by the Boston Indicators Project of the Boston Foundation in partnership with MassINC, addresses mass incarceration in the Commonwealth and its long-term impact on community development and the reintegration of former inmates into society.
  • Precision Medicine: How Sex and Gender Drive Innovation

    Publish Date:July 7, 2016

    Precision Medicine 2 cover
    There is significant evidence that both sex and gender impact disease. Recent reports demonstrate that the death rates of middle-aged white Americans are climbing. However, stratifying the data by gender reveals that women are in fact the ones falling behind.  We know that studying sex/gender not only benefits women’s health, it is the key to improving men’s health as well.
  • Reaching for the Cap and Gown: Progress Toward Success Boston’s College Completion Goals for Graduates of the Boston Public Schools

    Publish Date:June 13, 2016

    Success Boston 2016 report cover

    This report, prepared for Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Success Boston college completion initiative, shows a remarkable increase in both the percentage and the number of Boston Public Schools graduates who complete college within six years. The report also examines college completion for students with Success Boston coaches, a major intervention launched by the Boston Foundation and its partners, including the Boston Public Schools, in 2009.

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