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The Crucial Collective Mission of Community Foundations

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining colleagues from more than 20 community foundations from around the country in Chicago for a gathering of the Community Foundation Opportunity Network. This was the first convening of a group that formed after a discussion with Dr. Robert Putnam about his landmark book, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis. This book raised issues and highlighted trends that comprise an existential challenge about the fairness of our society: that income inequality is denying many children the opportunity to reach their full potential.
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A Day of Reflection & Challenge on New England's Opioid Crisis

The Boston Foundation can't be on the front line of every war, but we can certainly support others who are fighting to plug the gaps where we aren't able to. One example of that support was the foundation hosting last week --July 19-- the New England Convening on the Heroin-Opioid Epidemic.

The event, also sponsored by Santander Bank, was organized by the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH), which looked at the multiple modalities needed to "bend the trend" of increasing opioid-related death, addiction, and misery.
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Race and Policing in Boston

There's an old "joke" who's punchline is intentionally and decidedly not funny.

It goes something like this: "How many people does it take to have a conversation?" Answer: As many as will speak up.

And given the tragic events of the past week or so in the United States - the questionable fatal shootings of two unarmed black men by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota, the murder of five white police officers by a black sniper in Texas, and On Thursday, July 14, and the murder of a sheriff's deputy and a court bailiff by an inmate who swiped the deputy's gun - we tried to speak up.

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Sex, Gender, and Precision Medicine

A striking op-ed by President Barack Obama in the Boston Globe on Thursday, titled "Medicine's Next Step," heralds the "Precision Medicine Initiative" that was recently launched by the White House and the National Institutes of Health. Precision medicine is a new approach to studying the differences in people's genes, environments and lifestyle to develop targeted, more individualized treatments for a host of diseases.

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Stay Classy, Boston

So last week, 1,000 Bostonians and guests to our fair city were reminded of one of the many reasons the nickname "The Hub" is deserved.

The gathering was for The Collaborative, an annual social innovation conference, and the Classy Awards. The Boston Foundation had a blast serving as a sponsor of Collaborative/Classy, along side leading Boston-area corporations, including John Hancock and Accomplice.
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