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Stay Classy, Boston

So last week, 1,000 Bostonians and guests to our fair city were reminded of one of the many reasons the nickname "The Hub" is deserved.

The gathering was for The Collaborative, an annual social innovation conference, and the Classy Awards. The Boston Foundation had a blast serving as a sponsor of Collaborative/Classy, along side leading Boston-area corporations, including John Hancock and Accomplice.
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Greater Boston affordable housing solutions under way; much more work to do yet

On an almost daily basis we hear or see in news media about the increasing unaffordability of housing in Greater Boston and in coastal cities and towns across the U.S.

In many ways, these municipalities are lucky. Increasing housing costs are driven by new people coming to our region to take advantage of the growing economy and job opportunities.

BUT...the result is thousands of families unable to afford both rent and food as the supply of housing is squeezed.

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Home Funders Innovation Competition Event Almost Here!

One of the exciting elements of the Boston Foundation's work is how it continually reveals the interconnectedness of a city's problems -- and solutions. (It's exciting in the way that fireworks are: You know it's coming, and you still ooh and ah.)

That's why I'm particularly looking forward to a presentation on June 13 at the Boston Foundation's offices, hosted by Boston Foundation grantee, Home Funders.

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Boston Reentry Initiative Shows Signs of Success

I drive by the Suffolk County House of Correction pretty regularly, and like many people, I'm guessing, I rarely think about what's going on inside the imposing structure because it feels like whatever's happening doesn't involve me. Out of sight, out of mind, no?

And that's a fine way to think if you're on the right side of the law, except inmate populations in local jails are like gravity: With the exception of those who are awaiting a lifetime transfer to prison, if what goes up must come down, then just as assuredly, those who go in will one day get out. And how well they're prepared to rejoin society is every bit as important as time served.


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Boston EdTalks hits it out of the park

 If you're not familiar with Boston EdTalks but are familiar with Ted Talks or TedX, think Ted Talks with a focus on primary education and with a slate of speakers exclusively comprised of grade school, middle school and high school teachers, and you'll understand EdTalks.

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