COVID-19 Response Fund: Request for Support

Thank you for your interest in funding from the COVID-19 Response Fund at the Boston Foundation.

Before filling out this form, please be sure you have reviewed the Information for those Seeking Grants from the Fund section of the main COVID-19 Response Fund webpage. It lays out the criteria and limitations for qualifying for funding.

Please note: The Fund is not able to provide grants to individuals at this time, and our grantmaking is limited to organizations located within and serving the 80 cities and towns in the Boston Foundation catchment area

The Boston Foundation strives to be conscious of accessibility in technology. If you have difficulty accessing our request form or need accommodations to complete the form, we encourage you to reach out to us directly at l8BFgJ5ID1FVStXIXWAbiTDz869nKm1hjf+MOo9XSXql1yeGRYVDXKFmJNeolsBT/Nu19F/rausd42R0Cy0g/AvR6DcWfd9BRt0Fp3tlVZCF/taHn5Lyq3d7HaeABJdF0lZaJBbo2mYmImb0ARHYhtMFUDmLdS6RMjeesPuYVYMbdu7wREtXeLc7qrEk21yF.