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Boston EdTalks: Amplifying Teacher Voice

Posted 02/19/2014 by Paul S. Grogan

Boston Public Schools are closed this week, but we know that for thousands of teachers the break is one being spent catching up, grading, planning, and we hope making plans to share their innovative ideas.

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Getting that college degree - and bearing the cost

Posted 11/07/2013 by Paul S. Grogan

We know the long term benefits of higher education are more critical now than ever before - how do we ensure students can successfully make the investment?

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On charters and politics

Posted 10/25/2013 by Paul S. Grogan

Yesterday, the Boston Foundation welcomed more than 100 people to the presentation of new charter school research by the team at the School Effectiveness and Inequality Initiative at MIT.

The results? Boston’s charters have built on their track record of success – and since the passage of education reform that gave charters access to broader student lists and more closely monitored student recruitment and retention, the charters are doing it with a population that nearly perfectly matches the district.

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Five realities of college success: Observations from Success Boston

Posted 09/12/2013 by Paul S. Grogan

This fall, thousands of Massachusetts students enter a new chapter in their education - they head to college. But getting there is just half the battle.

That was the message this past week as more than 100 Boston Public Schools students descended on the campus of the University of Massachusetts Boston for the fifth annual Success Boston kickoff. Sitting and talking with these students - all of whom graduated from Boston Public Schools, all of whom enter the school year motivated, inspired and ready to learn, I couldn't help but think of a number of truths we face as we set them on a path to higher education.

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Charter schools: A decade later, it's still about the kids

Posted 08/19/2013 by Paul S. Grogan

A colleague handed me a piece of paper in my office today. It was almost a decade old, but it could have been written this morning.

“When you strip away the rhetoric about charter public schools, the issue really comes down to one thing: choice. Choice that acts as an equalizer for parents who are trapped in substandard school districts and can’t buy their way out with a nice home in the suburbs or an exclusive private school…”

When I first wrote those words in a newspaper column in 2004, we already had demonstrated evidence that charter schools were working in Boston and across Massachusetts.

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