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Posted 09/06/2016 by James Burnett

The American Repertory Theater, founded in 1980 by legendary arts educator, critic, playwright and producer Robert Brustein, who also founded the Yale Repertory Theater, has become synonymous with "award winning." In 36 years, the theater company has earned major honors, including multiple Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize.

The Boston Foundation entered the picture in 1979 with a $50,000 seed grant that allowed Brustein to move his innovative company from New Haven to Cambridge, helping establish the A.R.T. That grant was critical to the A.R.T. securing matching investment from the National Endowment for the Arts and national foundations, and the whole of the funding allowed the A.R.T. to walk briskly, rather than crawl, out the gate.

Today, under the guidance of Artistic Director Diane Paulus, the A.R.T. seeks to push the boundaries of theater by creating events that immerse audiences in transformative experiences at the Loeb Drama Center (at OBERON, its club theater in the heart of Harvard Square) and at venues around the world.

The company also collaborates with artists internationally to develop work in new ways while serving as a conduit for creative exchange among a wide range of academic departments, institutions, students, and faculty members at Harvard.

How's the old NBC slogan go? The more you know...

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H/T to Boston Foundation Senior Director of Publications and Marketing Communications Barbara Hindley and former TBF Communications Mgr. Kathy Clute, who wrote and edited our history book, There at the Beginning: How the Boston Foundation Took a Chance on More Than 100 Great Ideas That Worked.

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