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Posted 09/22/2016 by James Burnett

For all the potential political jokes, no company is a living, breathing thing that makes decisions on its own. People run companies, for better or worse, and people make the decisions that drive companies' success.

So in day and age where "hoarding" the good that has happened to and for our companies is celebrated in some quarters, it's refreshing and amazing to see the leaders of companies in Boston continue this region's tradition of pledging a real stake in their success to benefit the neediest among us.

Martel and Palmer are two of those leaders, and we asked them both to explain why they chose to quickly jump aboard the Pledge 1% Boston train. Here are their answers, verbatim:

Martel: "Our involvement with nonprofit organizations like The Boston Foundation, MassChallenge and Babson College have truly defined our company. Ultimately, we decided to Pledge 1% as a way of paying forward the amazing support that we've received from these types of organizations that helped us when we weren't yet capable of helping ourselves. We know that without the resources, connections and guidance that we received, we wouldn't be experiencing the type of success that we are now. For us, Pledge 1% is a long-term commitment to supporting organizations that are making deep and impactful changes that benefit our communities and our society. And we're excited and proud to be the first company to Pledge 1% in Boston!"

Palmer: "As part of Gravyty, Pledge 1% represents a public and outward declaration that we support the nonprofits and community that support us. It can sometimes be hard to show your 'soul' as a for-profit company, but we really do everything we can to be a for-profit with a heart of gold and want to prove it. We first heard about Pledge 1% after reading 'Behind the Cloud.' The book (and the Salesforce pioneered model it represents) is a guiding light for us as we grow our small company. When we learned about the Boston Foundation's effort to advance Pledge 1% Boston, we couldn't wait to get involved! The pledge comes from our own individual equity. For me personally, the pledge helps me reconcile my past as a Wall Street technologist with my ambitions as a nonprofit technology founder, and my awareness - as a brain aneurysm survivor - of large problems nonprofits are solving. The best way for my pledge contribution to reach meaningful scale is to build products that customers will truly benefit from."

And there you have it folks - a forward-thinking company, led by forward-thinking people means new doors opening between nonprofits and for-profit businesses and what we can accomplish together for philanthropy.



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