Pozen Prize 2017 Nominees | City of Ideas

Posted 11/14/2016 by Antoniya Owens, Education Program Officer, The Boston Foundation

This year, in recognition of the fact that excellence and innovation can be found in a broad variety of contexts, the Pozen Prize has expanded its scope to include innovative district schools, including innovation, pilot, and in-district charter schools. 

All five schools invited to apply for the 2017 Pozen Prize have either innovation or pilot status and are located in three Greater Boston school districts—Revere, Somerville, and Boston. They were selected on the basis of academic achievement, demographic, and disciplinary indicators, out of a pool of nearly two dozen local elementary and middle schools. The five schools have demonstrated consistently high or much-improved student achievement on the PARCC and MCAS English language arts and mathematics exams over the past four years—for all students and for high-needs students. In addition, all five schools have student enrollment rates in key high-needs subgroups that resemble the enrollment rates of their home district, while maintaining lower out-of-school suspension rates.

Because such quantitative metrics capture only part of a school’s vision and work, the application process is designed to elicit important contextual information about each school’s goals, programming activities, and key drivers that contribute to its success. This winter, a selection panel of civic and community leaders will review the schools’ applications to identify no more than two finalists. In April 2017, the selection panel will visit the two schools, interview staff and teachers, and conduct classroom observations. Based on information from these site visits, the original application materials, and a series of qualitative and quantitative analyses, the panel will then select one winning school to receive the $80,000 prize. The2017 Pozen Prize will be awarded in May 2017.


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