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Posted 05/17/2016 by James Burnett

  • published a strategic plan for our next five years;
  • issued and commissioned several major research reports (and held public forums to present our findings), including our annual Housing Report Card, a major report on arts and culture funding in Boston and 10 comparable cities and metro areas across the U.S., an update on the Mass in Motion program, a deep dive into the Boston Public Schools budget, an update on our City of Ideas: Reinventing Boston's Innovation Economy report, and more;
  • hosted a "First 100 Days" forum with Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang;
  • hosted our incredibly fun fifth annual Boston EdTalks event, in which teachers from all types of Boston schools are nominated by peers to give presentations on their unique strategies that work;
  • and launched a new grants program called Open Door Grants, to help fund those people who simply have great ideas that don't fit into one of our core strategy areas.

From a messaging standpoint, we're excited. After more than a year of celebrating the foundation's first century of growth and sharing our internal stories, we're looking forward to reversing the lens, so to speak, and telling many more of the stories of the great work of our nonprofit partners, the individuals who lead those organizations and work in the trenches, and, as importantly, the individuals and families in Greater Boston whose lives have been improved by that work.

By the way, we will share as much great content as we can in our new blog posts. The links in this post? Click 'em and you'll find your way to one of our history books, as well as complete video of some of our recent, terrific forums. Even if you couldn't be there, there's still always something to learn in a rerun!

Finally, in case you missed our Centennial celebrations last year, here's one more link: A short video describing our first 100 years and explaining why we're so excited for the next 100 and for the foundation - no pun intended - that we can provide to the nonprofits that help to power our region.

And don't forget, in between blog posts, you can always find us on Twitter @bostonfdn, and on Facebook @TheBostonFoundation.

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