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Posted 06/10/2016 by Sandy Kendall

TBF provides meeting and event space to qualified nonprofits up to four times a year as part of our support of community organizers and nonprofit effectiveness.

On Monday, Home Funders is hosting an event to recognize winners of its innovation competition, with a keynote given by sociologist Matthew Desmond. I just happened to have read a review of his recent book, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, suggesting he too is a revealer of interconnectedness.

That evictions and unstable housing don't just disturb families, but whole neighborhoods and the human ties within them, schools and the learners there. That eviction isn't just a neutral deficit situation, but a complicated web of indebtedness and profit-seeking on the part of landlords, developers, and others. That in the end, as Desmond says, "Eviction is a cause, not just a condition of poverty."

The New York Review of Books called Evicted "gripping and important." On top of all of that, Eyal Press wrote in The Nation, "As one might expect in a work of sociology, Evicted has its share of statistics...But the book draws its force from something often underappreciated by the quantitative scholars who have come to dominate Desmond's discipline: graceful writing and a vivid cast of characters, whose struggles are captured in unflinching detail." And with a headline of "Will This New Book Change the National Debate on Poverty?" the review made me hopeful.

So I am strangely eager to get tot he office early on a Monday morning -- to hear Desmond talk, and to hear about the ideas to be put forth by Home Funders' innovation competition winners about how to tackle this interconnected problem of housing supply and poverty alleviation and the countless other threads that tie them together.

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