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Posted 12/07/2016 by Mira Kahn, Health & Wellness Program Associate, The Boston Foundation

An exciting project is kicking off in our Health and Social Environment area. The Boston Foundation has partnered with Health Leads to increase our commitment to community health centers in the Greater Boston area. Health Leads has over 20 years of experience working with diverse providers and populations to make addressing social needs a standard part of quality care. By the end of this year, five community health centers will be selected to participate in the first Boston-based technology-supported collaborative to refine and expand interventions to address patients’ unmet social needs.

The goals of the collaborative are to support centers in improving patient care, better utilizing their community health workforces, and preparing for accountable care and new funding streams. This will be accomplished through a blend of 1:1 technical assistance, knowledge sharing across a cohort of innovative centers, and the use of Health Leads' Reach™--a resource database and referral tracking system built specifically to support access to basic resources. 

We look forward to seeing the evolution of this network of community health centers as they work with Health Leads to learn from each other.


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