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Posted 01/23/2013 by Collaborate Boston Team

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Collaborate Boston application!  Collaborate Boston is an incentive-driven competition that elevates and supports the collaborative efforts that we believe are critical to creating thriving people and vibrant places in our community.  Each competition cycle, $100,000 in grants and technical assistance will be awarded to collaborations focused on achieving specific outcomes for the people and/or the places that make up our community.  The outcomes will be announced at the start of each competition.

For the inaugural year, the focus is on improving the lives and futures of black & brown boys and young men, ages 9-15, living in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan.  You can learn more about Collaborate Boston and review the request for proposals at the website:  If you have any questions about Collaborate Boston please contact Natanja Craig (3I67Ngar/n+cGemHQrBzLpfMEDk8qVtbM2w2bQok73TnS30hFFrbzVBUSuaTYb/QtDA8xrYr1yuOOSfbQZTQsFZHyPlVYXmLYUYoqTT2wibEhQviF/EZCWxID0VubGiT9JRP2aSaEu4BitUqft7CbnkCq9koK9EmSE8SfsUU8AG/zfz+SlglylNZ5aFzmsffU4BecH4aYoh2f2Ld9Kylpg==; 617.338.2678).

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  • # Nunk's gravatar Nunk said:
    6/16/2017 4:16 PM

    sponsor? That may create too much psesrure on the sponsor in a meeting, but at least the conversation is all up front.Would the org be ok with the sponsor giving them more $ but directing it to another org through them for this program? The org has to decide which is a bigger risk. It sounds like the partnerships may be the best thing to hold on to, given it would help with mission. Not that money is easy to lose, but I think they have to choose mission.All that being said with the disclaimer that I don't know any of the politics or how much money we are talking about. Answer may be different if it was $1mill vs. $10k.