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Issue to be Addressed:
The challenges and barriers for Black and Brown males is a global phenomenon that occurs world-wide.  Participants will be able to understand this phenomenon as it occurs in the United States, and be able to extrapolate how it may differ from society to society, but at its core remain the same.  More specifically, there will be a focus on themselves within the community and how it relates to the larger society. If they can make it here…they can make it anywhere. The participants will be expected to:

1.Describe the history and evolution of barriers and challenges.

2.Identify the impact of these barriers on the individual, cultural and institutional level.

3.Develop a strategy to undo these barriers and challenges in their personal life

4.Gain knowledge and the theory of its current manifestations.

5.Be able to articulate the understanding of barriers and challenges from a political, economic, social and psychological perspective.

6.Create action items (group projects) that promote leadership and give them a voice.

Project Proposed:
The Institute for Uplifting Black and Brown males is a series of programs and activities designed to enhance youth awareness of life issues and how to successfully navigate them as Black and Brown males.  The Institute provides knowledge, emphasizes values and offers skills to combat barriers on a personal and institutional level.  Participants gain knowledge of the theory, history and current manifestations of barriers in our society from political, economic, social and psychological perspective.  Lectures, group discussion, role plays and individual enactments are used in the Institute.  These youth will be able to engage in inquiry, comparing major theories and techniques of literary criticism to their own strategies and ideas as contributing members of their community.

The Institute will have a two year structured curriculum with 30 participants (this takes into account attrition rates).  Each year will have a different set of 30 participants with the hope that members from the first year, serve as peer leaders for year two. The curriculum will incorporate goals, objectives and learning outcomes that derive from the professional fields of education, social work and civic/community engagement. A portion of the institute will be guided by participant input through a strength and needs based assessment.

Role of Collaboration:
The collaboration will be between Shawn Newton, Antero Teixeira and Arthur Collins. Shawn and Antero, the co-founders of Urban Echo (a non profit) will focus on education and social services while Arthur will integrate the civic/community engagement perspectives.

Urban Echo was created in response to the social and educational challenges of its residents. Its mission is to help address shared concerns of urban Boston; thus, the birth of its name, Urban Echo.  “Urban”, because the focus will be on Boston’s urban environments and “Echo”, to address “repetitious” concerns that can are heard “over and over and over again…like an echo”. 

As a developing organization, its vision has been created by Shawn A. Newton and Antero Teixeira who grew up in Roxbury and Dorchester Massachusetts and has promised to utilize experience, leadership and gained educational experience to contribute to the positive advancement of Boston’s urban communities and its residents.

Our goal is to network with Boston residents, help to empower and incorporate skills that they possess but may be hidden amidst the cloud of challenges that face urban communities.

The coordinators of this initiative have created a strategic plan for success, utilizing industry standards in each of the fields that they come from.  These standards are accompanied by several measurable outcomes that would apply to the participants and the program it will serve.

Though a 2 year initiative has been proposed, we envision success beyond the 2 years in hopes of residual benefits from participants sharing what was given to them.  With the anticipated success of this program, we hope to replicate this initiative in other non-profit organizations in Boston urban communities.

This program will focus on building leaders through a series of educational experiences, programs and activities which has been developed with their specific needs in mind.  The priority is to have a life changing experience that will empower, promote leadership skills, and give youth a sense self, confidence and resiliency despite barriers that they may be exposed to in the community.    The program will provide black and brown male youth with the tools, resources and support to succeed. We believe that youth will leave this program prepared, focused and more in tuned with their own capacity to push themselves to their fullest potential.

Other information:
Our program will consist of three coordinators/facilitators and thirty youths.  There will be three groups of ten assigned to each coordinator/facilitator. The coordinator/facilitators are responsible for the daily operations and implementation of the program.

-Target ages include youth between 12 to 15 years old (Middle School students).

-There will be parental/guardian consent for participation.

-The participants will be chosen through an application process. There will also be slots for random recruitment.

-Participants will have to attend an orientation to ensure that they have a clear understanding of what the program is all about and that they are willing to make the commitment to attend the initiative in full.

-At the end of the program, youth will put on show cases presentation/ celebration event for families, friends and special interest groups.

Proposed budget:

-Monthly stipend for 3 facilitators: ($500 per month, per facilitator) = $18,000 annually or $36,000 for two years.

-Annual Stipends for youth participants: $500 x 30 = $15,000 or $30,000 for two years.

-Administrative Expenses (office supplies, travel, food, technology support, folders, binders, slip-charts etc.):  $10,000

-Total Budget: $43,000 for one year or $86,000 for two years.

Primary Contact:
Shawn A. Newton

Shawn A. Newton was born and raised in Roxbury, MA. He is the first of his lineage to reside in the United States with family originating from Barbados in the West Indies Islands. Shawn attended the Wayland Public School system for twelve years as part of the METCO Inc. program and immediately attended Salem State University where he earned his Baccalaureate Degree in Criminal Justice.  Shawn also has an earned Masters of Science degree in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University. In addition, he is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at UMass Boston writing a dissertation on Black Male Student Success.

Shawn’s Mentor and Pastor of the historic Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury gave him his first job at Salem State University in 1996. Shawn Newton has been working at Salem State for 16 years and is now the Assistant Dean of Students providing leadership in the division of Enrollment Management and Student Life. He is known for his commitment to diversity and inclusion and currently runs several programs including one called the Black Male Success Initiative. Shawn also teaches several graduate school courses including the Institute for Undoing Racism, Race, Class and Ethnicity and Human Diversity & Social Work Practice.

With a passion for paying it forward, he has founded and co-founded several urban initiatives, but two that he is most proud of is the Young Entrepreneurs Network and Urban Echo, a newly granted non profit organization.

Partner 1:
Antero Teixeira Jr.

Antero Teixeira Jr. was born and raised in Cape Verde Islands before immigrating to the United States at age ten. Having grown up in Dorchester area of Boston, he has a special interest, connection and sense of obligation to work with this population. He is a proud alumnus of Madison Park High School which is a Boston Public School. Antero earned his Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Fitchburg State University and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Salem State University.

Antero Teixeira Jr.  has been employed as a Social Worker with Massachusetts’s Department of Children and Families for fourteen years.  Since 2010, he has also worked part-time as a Master’s level Home Based Family Clinician. Antero is especially interested in providing a strong therapeutic experience for youth and families from minority populations.

In 1996, Antero founded the Rhombus Children’s Project which was created with a focus and purpose to serve Dorchester and Roxbury Cape Verdean youth. For the past 14 years, the youth in the program has helped to organize an annual community basketball tournament for kids between the ages of ten and seventeen. Antero is the co-founder/director of a non-profit organization by the name of Urban Echo which provides Educational and Social Services program and activities to residents of Boston’s inner city communities.

Partner 2:
Arthur Ray Collins

Arthur Ray Collins is a native of Boston currently residing in Roxbury Massachusetts.  He is an Educator, counselor, community organizer and youth advocate specializing in at-risk youth with social, emotional and developmental needs. Arthur is a Student Service Specialist in the Boston Public Schools, currently focusing on social mentoring groups and student support services ranging from secondary interventions to professional development trainings that address students, staff and teachers and the concept of whole school change.

Arthur is a founding member of the National Black College Alliance and L.I.V.E (Loyal, Intelligent, Victorious, Everlasting) Brothers, a mentoring club for boys.  With over 10 years of experience in program development, Arthur has held positions at Bird Street Community Center, Boston Public Health Commission and Boston Public Schools
Arthur’s work has earned him numerous awards and recognitions

Arthur is also a performance poet who believes in the extraordinary power of words. He facilitates writer’s workshops and speaks at various forums on matters concerning youth, education, and community development. He was also a member of the 2008 & 2010 Lizard Lounge National Poetry Slam Team. Arthur is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and New Hampshire College Graduate School of Business. He holds a Master of Science degree in Community Economic Development.

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