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Posted 12/06/2012 by Collaborate Boston Application

Issue to be Addressed:
PRIDE will address some of the issues affecting our communities and young men today.   PRIDE will help empower these young men with entrepreneurial skills, education, financial guidance, intervention and prevention techniques.  PRIDE will help these young men with self esteem issues, self confidence, perseverance and mainly help them in recognizing and appreciating ones own self PRIDE.

Project Proposed:
PRIDE will monitor, mentor and prepare these young men with the needed tools for success, longevity and becoming productive citizens.  PRIDE will oversee these young men as they journey through a path of entrepreneurial skills set forth.  Each week these young men will learn a trade such as  landscaping, raking leaves, shoveling fire hydrants & elderly complexes (when weather permits), light carpentry work, interior painting, grooming & barbering.  Learning skills that will allow them to be self sufficient and responsible young men.

Role of Collaboration:
Mr. John Johnson, President of the Mission Hill Family Collaborative & City of Boston Employee, will not only be valuable with his knowledge of inner city youth, his great contributions to the communities throughout our city, but Mr. Johnson his an outstanding man that all have either heard of or worked with at least once.  Mr. Bill Willis, Film Producer, Director, Photographer &   Boston Police Officer, Mr. Willis has two movies in circulation that he has produced and financed, these movies are about  inner city young adults and the decisions they make.  Mr. Willis is also very familiar with the Boston Public Schools and the kids that attend those schools.  Mrs. Jacqueline Furtado, also brings a variety of expertise to PRIDE.  Her present and past work with the youth and families in the inner city is truly remarkable.

A Collaborate Boston Prize would allow PRIDE to begin work on a much needed project that has been carefully designed and planned for a long time.  To be able to finally collaborate and organize many talents throughout our city that have never had the opportunity to come together and focus solely on these young men would be huge. To be able to work with young men in the inner city of Boston that already trust, rely on and respect the founders of PRIDE.  To help empower these young men with positive life altering decisions that will better the lives of themselves, their peers, their community and family members.  To be able to place PRIDE back into the communities for which it has absent for so long, may be a start to safe, peaceful and loving neighborhoods once again.

Other information:
PRIDE will be collaborating with different agencies, businesses and organizations thorughout the communities.  These agencies businesses and organizations will be the training, entrepreneurial  and financial collaboration needed to sustain the projected PRIDE goal.  PRIDE will organize mandated weekend sessions with the young men enrolled, Saturdays being workshops and Sundays being Trade Training.  (Weekend days could be flipped, will depend on actual availablility of trainers).    Stipends will be allocated to enrollees, amounts to be determined at a later time.

Primary Contact:
Jacqueline M. Furtado is the former program director for Bromley Heath TMC.  Mrs. Furtado worked with youth &  families on many issues from education, drug dependency, trauma, housing etc.  She has collaborated extensively throughout the city of Boston and beyond with organzations and agencies that were highly needed to help the youth and families they served.  She has also brought together agencies that normally would of never partnered all on the same page of community needs and issues.  She is a founding member of the JPVIP, member of several task forces, and conducts presentations on trauma, mental health and gang related topics throughout Boston as well as some colleges and hospitals.

Partner 1:
Mr. John Johnson is the President of the Mission Hill Family Collaborative as well as an employee for the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department.  Mr. Johnson has been a long time resident of Boston, growing up in Mission Hill.  Mr. Johnson is well liked and admired by the youth in the community and well known throughout the City of Boston.  He has collaborated and assist a number of politicians on different community issues and continues to participate and support whenever he is needed.  Mr. Johnson has advocated for the young men and women of the inner city that are attending college, he has made it possible for them to gain employment during summer and holiday breaks while back at home.  Mr. Johnson is a very gifted man who truly cares about the community.

Partner 2:
Mr. Willis is a Boston Police Officer as well as a Filmmaker, Producer, Director and Photographer.  Mr. Willis is very familiar with the youth of our city.  He has always advocated for other alternatives for our youth besides the usual arresting way out, that has seemed to become a trend in the community.  Mr. Willis is a dedicated, educated and truly hardworking man with many hats.  He has developed the initial agenda for PRIDE and continues to assist and work with the young men of color in our city.

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