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Issue to be Addressed:
The issues to be addressed are self-esteem, optimism, and career development.  Many boys of color do not see or interact with the successful men of color who are living, working, and being good role models in the Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan communities.  Boys of color often do not get the opportunity to meet and know men of color who are police officers, firefighters, plumbers, electricians, business owners, bus drivers, and construction workers.  By meeting and knowing these men, boys of color can begin to envision themselves in those professions – leading to seeking and entering careers and vocational jobs in these fields. 
The current paths for young black boys are the cemetery, the corner (the streets), and the cellblock (jail).  This project hopes to deter the current negative paths for black boys to ensure their future job and career prospects.
The collaborative efforts of The Osiris Group, EOTO, Inc. – Each One Teach One, and The Osiris Family Institute LLC will address career development, career awareness, and career exploration for black boys living in Boston.
The dismal employment outcomes for young black males are the direct results of the large number of incarceration rates of this population.

Project Proposed:
The proposed project is a career development program targeting black boys.  The goal is creating career awareness, assisting with career exploration, and supporting career-planning process.  The project’s goal is to foster future career and job paths for black boys.  The project consists of presentations, activities, discussion forums and career day event for black boys to get to know men of color who are in the “blue collar” workforce and other professions.  Presentations will be held on a monthly basis at designated locations in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan.
The presentations are to provide an opportunity for practicing professionals to reach out to the younger generations.  The presentations are intended to spark interest and inquiry about career opportunities in the field. 
The activities are to create hands-on learning and interest by visiting job sites, and/or shadowing a professional.
Quarterly, a discussion forum will be held for the boys who participated in the presentation and activity sections of the project to provide feedback about their experiences.  The discussion forum will assist them with creating more awareness, exploration, and development about future careers. 
Yearly, a career day event will be planned to further expose various career opportunities to the participants in the project.

Role of Collaboration:
The Osiris Group Founder/CEO, Larry Higginbottom hosts a television series on Boston cable channel 23 titled “The Black Perspective” and a radio series on WILD AM 1090 titled “Families Do Matter”.  Through the use of multi-media and business contacts, Mr. Higginbottom has a long list of black entrepreneurs and professionals with a range of experiences dealing with education, counseling, and workforce development.  

EOTO, Inc. – Each One Teach One was formed to offer mentoring services to boys of color between the ages of 9-18 who are involved in the foster care system.  EOTO, Inc. recognizes that the children in foster care represent an overwhelming number of the unemployed, incarcerated, and homeless population upon turning age 18.  EOTO, Inc. provides the mentoring for black boys to overcome the bleak future that awaits them by creating and facilitating innovative connections between urban youths and black professionals across all career fields and jobs. 

The Osiris Family Institute LLC receives referrals for Therapeutic Mentoring services from parents, schools, and other community referral sources for services through the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI).  The Osiris Family Institute, LLC is well known and respected in the Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan communities for its support of children and the services that teaches children of color a healthy worldview.  Through the use of Therapeutic Mentoring services and referral sources, the Osiris Family Institute is already in a place to support and engage boys of color for this proposed project.

The Collaborative Boston prize would enable the collaboration of The Osiris Group, EOTO, Inc., and The Osiris Family Institute to improve the lives and futures of black & brown boys and young men of color by addressing a crisis that paint a bleak future for inner city young men.  Many young men of color grow up in our communities with an absence of positive male role models. They are more likely to fail academically, resort to a life of crime, and go to prison.  This collaborative effort can combat these challenges, with the belief that young inner city men could attain high levels of success and strong work ethics if provided with quality career development that include career awareness, career exploration, and learning about the career-planning process.  The collaborative effort is designed to engage young men of color with the social support and guidance of mentors.  Mentoring brings exposure to positive professional male role models.
The prize would help this collaborative effort with planning, community assessment, initial staff training and recruitment.  The prize would also help with administrative, operating, and infrastructure cost to support coordination including resource and referral, as well as marketing, evaluation and monitoring of the project.

Other information:
The collaborative effort of The Osiris Group, EOTO, Inc. – Each One Teach One, and The Osiris Family Institute LLC is a new and innovative way of providing mentoring services to children of color where schools and other community agencies are not meeting the challenges of the crisis facing boys living in the Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan communities.  The most underserved population at the forefront of this crisis is the boys of color who are involved with the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. 
The collaborative effort of The Osiris Group, EOTO, Inc., and The Osiris Family Institute LLC with the use of the Collaborate Boston prize can provide the formal and informal mentoring needed to assist the most underserved population – boys of color living in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan to learn and gain a better understanding of career development.

Primary Contact:
EOTO, Inc. Founder/CEO, Ludger “Lou” Labissiere has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and families involved with the Department of Children and Families, and the Department of Youth Services.  Lou Labissiere received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from University of Massachusetts, Boston in 2001, and a Masters of Social Work from Simmons College in May 2012.

Partner 1:
Larry Higginbottom founded the Osiris Group in 2002.  The Osiris Group was formed to offer to the Black community culturally competent mental health practitioners who practice their craft from an Afro-centric paradigm. The Osiris Family Institute, LLC was formed to provide the extended and ongoing family support and information needed in creating the type of learning environment that is conducive to positive and productive intergenerational relationships, personal growth, and learning.

Partner 2:
EOTO, Inc. Co-Founder, Tamarra Aristilde has a wealth of experience working with families and children receiving CBHI services, using strength-based therapeutic approaches so families and children can be successful in all systems at optimum level.  Tamarra Aristilde received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from University of Massachusetts, North Dartmouth in 2003, and a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University in 2010.

Partner 3:
The Osiris Group and The Osiris Family Institute LLC, Founder/CEO, Larry Higginbottom has a broad experience working in the Boston Public Schools and in the community with children of color.  Larry Higginbottom received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from University of Massachusetts, Boston in 1993 and a Masters of Social Work from Simmons College in 1998.

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