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Issue to be Addressed:
Today, unfavorable statistics surround the outcomes of young boys and men of color at alarming rates and in a variety of areas: higher education access, health and wellness, special education, community involvement, job employment, family engagement, educational achievement gaps, positive self-imaging and behavioral guidance. The Boys2Men (B2M) collaboration will create a group-mentorship program for young urban male students to receive leadership training and exposure to resources and opportunities often lacking in the urban community. These issues would be addressed head on by providing equipped mentors who are able to teach, train and lead young boys toward academic success and help them acquire life skills.

Project Proposed:
The Boys2Men (B2M) collaboration will create a group-mentorship program for young urban male students to receive the necessary life skills, exposure to resources and opportunities often missed in the urban community. In a collegiate partnership with the Boston chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc., the YMCA of Greater Boston and the Boston Public Schools, the Boys2Men program will operate as a community partner with different BPS after-school programs and community-based organizations to manage a relationship building model where male youth and adults conduct regularly scheduled exchanges to further advance this underserved population. The regularly scheduled B2M sessions would cover a curriculum tailored specifically to the issues facing young boys/men of color. B2M will be a new standard of mentorship for young boys of color and will change the expectations of and improve the capabilities of this demographic group. B2M knows potential is present in the lives of our young boys but undeveloped. Through a quality, relationship based model and the implementation of relevant practices, B2M program will reverse the outcomes Boston has become so familiar with.

Role of Collaboration:
The B2M Collaboration would achieve the goal of overturning the plummeting outcomes of young males (9-15 y/o) by pairing collegiate sites with active Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity chapters (to funnel committed and quality mentors) to BPS after-school sites through the YGB-BPS Initiative. The YGB currently has several after-school programs housed at various BPS sites. Working with school administrators and YGB-BPS site directors, we would implement a B2M program with seamless integration and maximum impact. Again, B2M would serve as a partner agency through these sites and would provide all services free of charge to the participating schools and the mentees.

The Collaborate Boston award would improve the lives and futures of our target group by giving us a chance to provide a quality program FREE of charge to our partner schools and mentees and their families. It would allow for: in-house materials to be purchased for our scheduled sessions, funding for quarterly field trips to local universities, businesses, offices, or other places of relevant interest, etc. It would also assist us in design the curriculum for the program and marketing to other organizations to expand our impact (pending the success of the pilot program at the Mason).

Primary Contact:
Raylyn Cheek is an OST director for the YGB working in an inclusive public school setting at the Mason Elementary School in Roxbury. She serves not only as the OST director but also a classroom aide and a community member of the school's Governing Board. She is passionate about the success of the students in her care and believes that every student, given the appropriate support can acheive greatness.

*The YGB is for youth development, healthy living and  social responsibility.

Partner 1:
Joseph Bostic is founder of Retention Frontiers, Inc. which serves most notably as a motivational/leadership program; although it houses STEM programming as well. Through a heavy media presence (hourly tweets and weekly youtube/facebook posts), as well as through various speaking engagements, Retention Frontiers uses it multiple platforms to encourage youth to NEVER STOP IMPROVING!
Joseph is also a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Partner 2:
Javaughn Griffen serves as the president of the Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. in Boston. He is a third year student at Northeastern University with a dual major in Information Science and Business.
*Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities.

Partner 3:
Harolyn Bowden is the principal at the Mason Pilot Elementary School (inclusion site).

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