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Posted 01/22/2013 by Collaborate Boston Application

Issue to be Addressed:
The 4 Peace movement is a program for inner city youth to learn job skills through the art of the hip hop culture. The issue to be addressed is to keep youth off the street and busy doing something that they enjoy at the same time learning life skills. Our goal is to help keep inner city youth busy and out of trouble while learning a skill that they are passionate about that can help them pursue a career.

Project Proposed:
The 4 Peace movement was started as a program to help inner city youth find outlets through art and ways to express themselves through learning film, fashion design, music production, choreography and theatre all the while learning job skills. The program was started by Boston MC Ed OG, Floorlords founder and director Lino Delgado and Boston MC and founder of Antonio Ansaldi clothing Marco Antonio Ennis. They understand what it's like growing up in the inner city and have established this program for youth to have something to keep them off the streets, out of trouble and doing something that they enjoy.

Role of Collaboration:
Ed OG, Lino Delgado and Marco Antonio Ennis have collaborated on this project together since they share a lot in common. They grew up around the same areas in the inner city and they are all artists that have grown up in the hip hop culture. Hip hop kept them focused on their goals and out of trouble and they want to be able to establish a program that can help youth through hip hop as well.
Ed OG is a Boston MC that has traveled all over the world selling records worldwide since the early 90's. He has experience in music production and can teach how to write songs, arrange music, editing and producing.
Lino Delgado has been a member of The Floorlords since 1981 and travels all over the world judging dance competitions, performing, DJing and teaching workshops. He will be teaching the dance portion of the program and will teach dance, choreography, theatre and DJing.
Marco Antonio Ennis is also an MC that has sold records worldwide performing with the group "Made Men" and has established the clothing line Antonio Ansaldi and will teach fashion design and film.

The Collaborate Boston prize would help get the program up and running providing a space and providing the supplies and materials needed to start the program. Once we're able to get what we need for the program we can start working with boys and young men from Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan and show them ways to express themselves through the hip hop culture while learning a skill.

Primary Contact:
Lino Delgado has been a member of the Floorlords since 1981. The Floorlords is one of the oldest break dance crews in the country having been together for 31 years. Lino has performed, judged dance competitions, taught workshops and Djed all over the world, most recently in Switzerland and the U.K. He has worked for several youth programs in the city and has won several awards for work that he has done in the community.

Partner 1:
Boston hip-hop legend Edo G has nothing left to prove. With his pair of debut singles “I Gotta Have It” and “Be a Father to Your Child” in 1991, Edo introduced himself to the world as a unique MC, one able to deliver both sharp social commentary and reality-based raps with slick rhymes and wit to spare. Having collaborated with legends like DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Masta Ace over a two-decade career, his status in the game is undisputed.

Partner 2:
Marco Antonio Ennis began as a successful hip-hop artist with the  internationally known and notorious rap groups RSO and MadeMen and has been signed to major labels such as Tommy Boy, Epic Records, Virgin Records, Def Jam, RCA and Interscope. Antonio has used his clothing business to employ local youth, support and sponsor social  causes, and has given back to the community through events like his annual Thanksgiving turkey giveaways since 2001.

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    Imerisspve brain power at work! Great answer!

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    How wonderful!Here in NYC where we are in total lock down-without mass triasnt till further notice-all flights, including mine to Utah, canceled and rescheduled and rain falling as we await the full force of Hurricane Sandy', I have this exceptional day to return to playing with my newest cloth piece work Eve of All Hallows, plenty of candles if the electric fails, and bag packed if the storm surge reaches me. It's rather magical actually. Suddenly this noisy City is still as the stones it's built upon.

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