Supporting Our Work

The Boston Foundation has a number of special funds we have established, often in partnership with other nonprofit organizations or donors.  Each of these funds plays an important role in supporting specific areas of focus or overarching needs that have been identified by the residents and leaders as central to the vitality of the Greater Boston community.

Supporting Our Work

  • The Permanent Fund for Boston


    At the heart of everything the Boston Foundation has done over the last century—every grant it has made, every innovation it has supported, every cause it has championed—is its endowment, the Permanent Fund for Boston.  Established through bequests left by hundreds of visionary and forward-thinking Bostonians since 1917, this essential fund fuels all of the Foundation’s work and provides the resources that have sparked positive change and enabled new ideas.

  • The Civic Leadership Fund

    Golden Dome photo 2016
    Over the last 15 years, the Boston Foundation has become a major civic leader for Greater Boston and our region—with crucial support from the Civic Leadership Fund. The Foundation and its many partners in the business and nonprofit communities—as well as numerous public officials—have had a real impact on a series of issues that are critical to the economic competitiveness and civic health of Greater Boston.


  • Free For All Fund at the Boston Foundation

    Charles Ansbacher conducting sm
    The Free For All Fund was established to ensure the permanent legacy of Charles Ansbacher’s vision to enhance the lives of all Bostonians through the common language of music.  The mission of the fund is “to ensure that everyone from the Boston region—children, adults, families—will have regular and permanent access to the rich world of classical, orchestral music and related cultural events.”
  • The Equality Fund

    Equality Fund

    The Equality Fund at the Boston Foundation was established in 2012 with two primary goals: making high-impact grants today to the most innovative nonprofits serving the diverse members of the LGBTQ community; and building a permanent endowment that will benefit the LGBTQ community of Greater Boston forever.

  • The Latino Legacy Fund

    The Latino Legacy Fund
    The Latino Legacy Fund was established at the Boston Foundation in 2013 in partnership with Hispanics in Philanthropy and local Latino philanthropists and leaders.  It is a permanent, committee-advised fund designed to strengthen the diverse Latino community of Greater Boston and support issues that advance the socio-economic status of Latinos and enhance leadership in the Latino community.
  • The Brother Thomas Fund

    Brother Thomas photo

    The Brother Thomas Fund was established at the Boston Foundation in 2007 to honor the legacy of Brother Thomas Bezanson, a Benedictine monk and world-renowned ceramic artist, who wanted the sale of his work to support “struggling artists.”


  • StreetSafe Boston

    StreetSafe Boston
    StreetSafe Boston’s overarching goal is to prevent and intervene in gang activity, with three interrelated objectives to reduce gang and gun violence: decrease gang presence and hostilities; promote positive youth development in life skills, education, and employment; and prioritize learning, evaluation, and research to advance evidence-based practices for the fields of youth development and community-based violence prevention.
  • The Haiti Development Institute

    Jim Ansara photo

    The Haiti Development Institute  is a newly established organization born from The Haiti Fund at the Boston Foundation. The Haiti Fund was created in the wake of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The five-year fund was created to provide long-term relief and reconstruction support to communities in Haiti and Haitian-Americans in the greater Boston area. The Haiti Fund consistently sought to support collaboration among leaders and funders, in alignment with public interest.

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