Objectives & Strategies

All of our objectives and strategies are designed to encourage and nurture “thriving people and vibrant places” throughout Greater Boston.  They are the result of information and insights gained from our highly diverse community—through surveys, focus groups and numerous conversations with Greater Boston’s civic and nonprofit leaders.  They are also informed by an enormous body of research conducted by the Foundation and our partners over the last decade, providing us with unique insights into the problems and challenges we face as a community. 

Objectives and Strategies

  • Increasing Philanthropic Resources

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    Core to our mission is to help individuals, families and businesses engage in effective and fulfilling philanthropy.  We do this by encouraging planned and legacy gifts to the Permanent Fund for Boston, which supports all of our grantmaking in Greater Boston.  We also work closely with holders of Donor Advised Funds at the Foundation to make their giving as meaningful and powerful as possible.  For those wishing to go deeper to increase the impact of their philanthropy we offer customized consulting services through The Philanthropic Initiative.  We help startup companies establish their philanthropic roots with Pledge 1% Boston.  And we encourage personal philanthropy at all levels with our groundbreaking online resource the Giving Common.
  • Education

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    The Education impact area works to ensure that all residents can access opportunity, and that their education prepares them to remain in our region and succeed in their careers. We work to strengthen the city’s and region’s education pipeline—from the youngest learners, through K-12 education, and then through college completion and into careers. We do this in two primary ways: first, by investing in Structural Reform to increase the number of high quality schools with site-based decision making, including key autonomies; and, by investing in efforts to increase College Completion rates for students from Boston.

  • Health and Wellness

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    The Health & Wellness impact area strives to lower rates of overweight and obesity in Boston and Massachusetts, as well as to reduce health care costs through a greater focus on prevention.  To achieve this, we invest in increasing access to school-based youth physical activity and addressing obesity in the early childhood period.  Additionally, we focus on reducing health disparities and health care costs through investing in cross-sector approaches that address the social determinants of health.  The Health & Wellness impact area focuses on three arenas:  Youth Physical Activity; Early Childhood Obesity Prevention; and Health and Social Environment.

  • Jobs and Economic Development

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    Housing, jobs and local businesses are critical components of thriving neighborhoods and play a key Economic opportunity and mobility remain elusive and unattainable for a large number of residents in the Greater Boston area.  The Jobs & Economic Development impact area works to provide equitable access to economic opportunities, with a specific focus on the populations that have customarily been overlooked:  women and under-represented minorities.  Our goals are to expand Workforce Development initiatives; foster an environment of support for inner city Entrepreneurship; and increase the participation rate of women and under-represented minorities in the Innovation economy.

  • Neighborhoods & Housing

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    The Neighborhoods & Housing impact area seeks to make Boston and its surrounding communities affordable, accessible and responsive to community vision and needs.  It does this by pursuing two distinct, but complementary strands of work.  The Housing strategy works to fundamentally reform the systems that impede housing production and destabilize low-income families.  The Neighborhoods strategy supports communities adjacent to Boston’s Fairmount Indigo Commuter Rail Line to build their collective capacity to advocate for equitable development policies and become a political force recognized by state and local policymakers.
  • Arts & Culture

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    The Arts & Culture impact area is currently undergoing a strategic restructuring to ensure the Foundation's giving in this area directly addresses existing community needs and ecosystem gaps.  This effort is informed by local and national research, conversations with leaders, stakeholders, and practitioners in the arts and culture sector, the City of Boston’s “Boston Creates” cultural planning process and the Understanding Boston report, How Boston and 10 Other American Cities Support and Sustain the Arts.  The strategies that will ultimately be pursued by this impact area will include advocacy, policy, research, convening and grant making that will aim to reach artists, arts and culture programs and organizations across Greater Boston.  We anticipate communicating the new goals and strategies for this impact area in the Summer of 2016.  Learn more... 

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