Boston Latin School
Alumni of Color Scholarship Fund

Two Women graduatesInspired by the courage of the Boston Latin School (BLS) Student group, Black Leaders Aspiring for Change and Knowledge (B.L.A.C.K), BLS Alumni of Color, and those who find common cause with us, have established the BLS Alumni of Color Scholarship Fund.

The scholarship will support Boston Latin School students of color, as well as students of any background, who demonstrate a commitment to social justice while students at Boston Latin School. 

It is important that all BLS Alumni stand in support of current students who are actively working to stomp out injustice, racial intolerance, and bigotry in all its forms.  In doing so, these courageous students are improving the quality of the education that all BLS students receive, and they are ensuring that the future of Alma Mater is bright!

The scholarship will be provided to graduating seniors beginning in the 2016-2017 School Year based on criteria established by the BLS Alumni of Color Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee (in formation).

Our initial goal is to raise at least $10,000 as soon as possible.  Contributions will be accepted on an ongoing basis and there is no limit to how large the fund can grow.  Hopefully, with your generous support we will exceed our initial goal.  The more we raise, the more students we can support and the longer we will be able to offer the scholarship.

Whatever you can give is greatly appreciated and will support a group of brilliant students who are the future of our city, our nation and our global community.  Let's demonstrate our power as Alumni!  Let's Demonstrate that Alumni of Color (and friends) Matter!  Sumus Primi!